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    How To Update Miui5 To Miui8 (mi2s)

    hi, after 1 year of my mi2s' death, i could manage to change mainboard and it's working now.. new board came with chinese stable rom JLB52.0 with stock recovery. i want to upgrade to latest smiui v8; what is the safest and painless method to upgrade it? is it possible to flash it directly from...
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    Amp Killed Mi2s

    Hi, last night, while testing my new built lm3875 amp i connected phone's headphone output to the amp input.. powered the amp and no sound but a strong hum. then switched off about 2-3 seconds later but my Mi2s is dead now. tried every way but no response. how could this happen? what can be the...
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    Can't access any data

    suddenly a strange behaviour appeared on my phone; recent calls, messages, notes and gallery looks empty. but i can see photos in file explorer. also can't take screenshot, says "couldn't capture screenshot. storage may be in use." its installed wiui kk 4.8.1. reinstalled rom and cleaned cache...