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  1. chrrit

    MIUI 10.3 9.2.28/9.3.1

    i love the weekly's: you are doing a great job, much appreciated!
  2. chrrit

    System-wide DNS setting

    the app seems to allow you to change to their DNS...not only system wide but also per app with the latest update.
  3. chrrit

    Newbie Question: Switch to Weekly EU ROM

    @MeiGuddet: thanks for your response! and this clean flash with format data is part of the normal procedure as in the tutorials or do i have to do that outside the tutorials? which app will perform this for me? miflash?
  4. chrrit

    Newbie Question: Switch to Weekly EU ROM

    Hi, I am a MIUI newbie and using a MiMix 2S on Global Stable ROM. I am thinking to switch to the weekly EU ROM. I saw the tutorials, and I think I will manage to do it BUT: when I want to update with another weekly EU ROM (so when I want to update), will I loose my personal data and have to...