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    First Time OTA Help Please

    First time to do an OTA for MIUI10 EU Weeklies. I am a former Samsung user. When doing OTA updates for Samsung, you need to do a wipe cache partition thing every update to make sure there are no problems. Do you do the same for Pocophone EU?
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    New SD Card disappearing when restarting

    Hello, I'm using Poco F1 on EU Weekly ROM. When I restart my phone, my SD card isn't detected. When that happens, I just restart my phone and it comes back. I am using an EVO Select U3 Samsung SD Card 128GB from Amazon. On the plus side, my Spotify, Maps, etc. data that are saved on the SD Card...
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    How to prevent Nova Launcher from being closed?

    When doing Cleaning on my Poco F1, Nova Launcher is being closed automatically which makes me have to turn off and turn on accessibility settings to turn on double tap to lock phone. Is there any way to prevent this?
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    Invalid SMS Didn't Sync?

    I just flashed the Weekly Rom and everything synced except my SMS messages. Any solutions?
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    Clean Install EVERY SINGLE update?

    I'm currently on the Beta ROM and really attracted to the EU ROM and was about to do it when I read in our Country's Poco FB Group that you need to do a wipe EVERY SINGLE TIME you update the EU Rom.... They seem to all agree. However, a friend who does more research than me said that according...