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    Link Fire Detector to Intrusion Detection?

    I know, but I thought that as he is mentioning that for the moment "the gateway is just playing a quiet alarm" if he adjusted the volume of the alarm on the gateway, it might help him... the idea is to be notified when an intruder enters your space, ain't it ?
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    Mi Home devices, experiences and fails...

    Hi there, in the last few months I have bought and installed various Mi Home connected devices in my house... Most of them work flawlessly, but with some of them I have encountered a few issues... I will try to write about them here. First of all here are the devices I have now: Air quality...
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    Link Fire Detector to Intrusion Detection?

    You can adjust the alarm volume of the gateway from the MiHome app... you can also choose a different tune for this alarm... so it can become quite audible.
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    Mi A1 call quality issues due to poor reception

    I have bought a new Mi A1 for my wife one month ago (64GB version) from a Chinese online retailer. The phone is great, we love the pure Android experience (had MotoG's in the past, I use a Nexus now) and most of the functions are really nice (good battery, fast processor, good WiFi connection...