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    always on disply auto off in dark / mi 8 se

    I noticed that aod goes off when in place semi dark not fully dark. Example room with canters closed and not light on. Is there anything we could do for sensor sensitivity to reduce or any other idea could help please? I already turned off auto brightness setting and no battery saver on. thanks
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    New always on disply auto switch off in 9.1.17

    Always on display not always on in mi 8 se why? I tried all options i switched off all the battery save scenarios and no off-on schedule active but still the AOD switch off after 10 minutes of no using the device which is not the concept of this feature . Any help please ? Its important for me...
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    Encrypting the device (mi8se?

    Hello guys Iam running the latest 9.1.10 rom, If i encrypted my mi8 se manually from system Do i will get any problem or error? And if i successfuly did i still can update to the new weekly release even manually flash or OTA ? Thank you for help
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    Q about MI8 SE china version

    Hello guys i got new MI8 SE china version and i need to install the latest global version on it. can someone help me by details how to do that? thank you in advance.