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  1. Vercety87

    Resolved MIUI Carousel lockscreen shortcut notre working

    Hi, The Carousel shortcut on lockscreen doesn't work in MIUI (Tested on Mix2S clean flash). It's say "Network connection is restricted". I'm connected to WIFI Network but in app setting there is no option to grant WiFi network. Also tried with mobile data same problem. Envoyé...
  2. Vercety87

    [How To] Restore a Google Backup on rom

    Hi, I'm a big fan of rom but one function was missing, the ability to restore google backup like Xiaomi Global Rom. So after some test I was able to restore an google backup on my phone with rom. Here how to do this: Get three google apps called (GoogleOneTimeInitializer...
  3. Vercety87

    Lockscreen shortcut wrong name

    Hi, On the lockscreen shortcut there is an error on the description of the music shortcut. It's write Fond d'écran Carousel instead of Musique. The problem is only with french language. No problem in English. Envoyé de mon MIX 2S en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. Vercety87

    Invalid Date on lockscreen day number after month

    Hi, The date format on lockscreen doesn't match with regional settings. My format is day, number of day, year. I don't see any option to change this on lockscreen. Thanks Envoyé de mon MIX 2S en utilisant Tapatalk