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  1. ezhik

    MIUI for OnePlus One?

    Has anybody even considered this to be in scope as a possible port? It is a solid device and miui would run great on it. Thanks!
  2. ezhik

    RAZR HD XT925 Support

    Canadian LTE market is growing and RAZR HD is a solid phone that is rolling out on the market. It would be nice to have it supported by MIUI. Great phone + Great Rom = Love? ezhik
  3. ezhik

    MIUI & RAZR HD XT925

    Will we be seeing this awesome ROM on RAZR HD XT925? o_O Thank you, ezhik.
  4. ezhik

    New Data usage prompt bug @ 2.10.12

    I have set my monitor limits to 6144mb as we have 6gb limits. In downloads settings I have set file size limit to 10MB and DISABLED Data download prompt. In play store i have disabled download wifi only. Every time I download an application that is over 10mb it still prompts me with Download...
  5. ezhik

    Xperia Ray support?

    Hey guys, You are definitely doing a great job developing the rom for so many devices, considering that you are already doing Xperia Arc and Xperia Arc S could you add support for Xperia Ray? That would be awesome! Thank you! ezhik.
  6. ezhik

    Support for Lenovo K1 Tablet?

    Have you considered doing tablet support? Could we donate to get support for Lenovo K1 Tablet? The official ICS has been released.