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    How rollback to miui 9 from miui 10

    Hi, I've miui but i want rollback to miui 9 because battery drain. I've flash with rom miui 9.5.2 but the phone enter in loop, back to miui 10... how do this? any tutorial? thank you for help.
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    Emergency Information

    Hello, I've try found menu for fill information emergency, but i not find this. This menu exist in miui? I've xiaomi.ei Thanks for help and happy christmas
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    Xiaomi 8.2.2 + Mi Band 2 Bluetooth Problem

    Hi, I've buy my mi band2 2 week ago and since my bluetooth on mi5 "block". Before mi band2 bluetooth works fine, but now my mi band lost connection and if closed mi fit and open not connect. if turn off bluetooth, not turn on and i go to reboot phone. After reboot works fine 5hours or 1day or 3...