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  1. letsfifa

    How to change region - play store (WSM)

    On wsm tolls there is this module: "play store fixes" So u can fake ur region for the play store. Does someone know how to set this for USA? Thx:)
  2. letsfifa

    Touchwiz For xiaomi?

    Hello I wanted to check something out. Wanted to see how the samsung galaxy s4 touchwiz launcher looks on my mi2s. Is there any touchwiz launcher that work on our phone? Thanks :)
  3. letsfifa

    Xposed Framework on Mi2s

    Hello, I have this simple question. Can I use xposed framework on my xiaomi mi2s? Does it work? Miui & cyanogmod... Thanks
  4. letsfifa

    HELP | How to increase call volume?

    Hello I have this problem with my xiaomi mi2s.the call volume is super low, I really have to push my ear in the phone. I have set the volume to the highest level but it's still low. Please Someone Help me to Boos/increase my call volume.... Thanks ;)
  5. letsfifa

    Super low call volume!!!

    Hello My phone is xiaomi mi2s. From the 1st time I used the phone the incoming call volume is super low!!! Other users also experience this problem, can someone help me? I have pushed the volume to the highest level but it's still low. How to increase call volume? Thanks :)
  6. letsfifa

    How to extract audio files from miui?

    Hello I need help, can someone please extract me this 3 audio files: 1. Enthusiastic.ogg 2. CrystalRing.ogg 3. MessageComplete.ogg Thanks if someone can help me ;)
  7. letsfifa

    I Have Found a way To improve Xiaomi Mi2/s Camera

    Hello I have Found a really easy and simple way to improve The Camera on my Mi2s! All you need to Do is go to 'Google Play Store' and Get the App "Camera JB+" Its the Camera app from Android Jelly Bean 4.3 *Small Tip when you 1st Open the app Go into Settings and change the Picture quality to...
  8. letsfifa

    MIUI v6 ?!

    Hello Do you think we will see miui v6 soon? I really hope they improve the battery life on mi2s :)
  9. letsfifa

    How To Backup EFS Folder ? (IMEI)

    Hi I want to backup my EFS Folder That contains the IMEI. (in Case of damage caused to my phone when flashing Rom's...) My phone: Xiaomi Mi2s. Is there a way to Backup ?? Thanks