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  1. GyoVanY

    Resolved Google wallet stopped working/Device doesn't meet security requirements

    Same on Poco F3. Fixed it with PlayIntegrity Fix module on KernelSU.
  2. GyoVanY

    MIUI 14 23.2.13

    I've read on previous 23.2.6 thread about some issues with NFC on Poco F3. Anyone knows if it's fixed now?
  3. GyoVanY

    MIUI 14 22.12.8/16

    My F3 also work flawless, WiFi and NFC too. Dirty flashed.
  4. GyoVanY

    MIUI 14 22.12.8/16

    Same issue for me too on F3, no buttons at all on media player.
  5. GyoVanY

    MIUI 13 22.9.14

    99% motherboard issue. Same for my Poco F3 no matter ROM/Kernel. I just sent it to warranty 2 days ago.. Some other user who I talked to from India sent his to warranty too and they changed Motherboard + Power Button and he says that everything is good now.
  6. GyoVanY

    MIUI restart by itself and won't boot again!!

    Im using latest EU Stable rooted. The phones rebooting itself several times in the last days and now it rebooted again but it wont boot up, it keeps rebooting after MIUI logo appears. I've tried to wipe dalvik cache, unroot, flash stock boot.img, I even flash the whole ROM again...
  7. GyoVanY


    I used TWRP, not fastboot. Maybe all it needs it's Format Data flash, which I really want to avoid.
  8. GyoVanY


    Just updated Poco F3 to latest and tried to root via Magisk. After I patch and flash boot.img using TWRP, Magisk app gets deleted when I try to open it.. very weird, never experienced an app getting deleted instantly :/. With stock boot Magisk app works just fine, but after I try to...
  9. GyoVanY


    @ingbrzy Can you please make an one last RN2 build of the latest Stable ? It will be a nice goodbye to that device.. Thanks !
  10. GyoVanY

    MIUI 9.1 7.11.2

    MiuiLauncher FC fixed on Redmi Note 2 using v3 7.11.2 ! Thanks @ingbrzy
  11. GyoVanY

    Ho Has A Fix For Bootloop On Intsaling Miui

    I think you must change language into English to fix it.. Do your modifications and then change language back in Romanian ;)
  12. GyoVanY

    Ho Has A Fix For Bootloop On Intsaling Miui

    You flashed the new MIUI 8.5 version uploaded ?
  13. GyoVanY

    Ho Has A Fix For Bootloop On Intsaling Miui

    No bootloop here.. :/ Clean Install : Wipe System , Data , Cache , Dalvik Cache
  14. GyoVanY

    MIUI 8.2 6.12.8

    MIUI released for Redmi Note 2 few days ago. When it will be posted here ? Thanks !
  15. GyoVanY

    MIUI 8.2 6.11.24

    How about Gplay Services and Google Keyboard FC s ?
  16. GyoVanY

    MIUI 8.2 6.11.24

    Redmi Note 2 : Gmail works but Google Play Services keep FC after boot ( I can sign in tho , but it FC after boot ). Google Keyboard keeps FC if I update it ; it crashes when trying to download dictionary
  17. GyoVanY

    Can't Boot Flashed Twrp

    Try to flash TWRP with SP Flash Tool !
  18. GyoVanY

    How To Disable Permissions Manager?

    Starting with 6.9.8 option to disable permission manager is gone !
  19. GyoVanY

    MIUI 8.2 6.9.1/2

    DocumentsUI on Redmi Note 2 don't work !
  20. GyoVanY

    Best Sot By Far !

    Well.. that's MIUI 7. On MIUI 8 reinstalling FileManager and DocumentsUI fix it but on MIUI 7 could be another MIUI app dependence... I guess you want to sync photos , right ? ( I'm not very familiar with MEGA anyway ) Try to reinstall MiuiGallery maybe.. :/