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  1. Xyrcon

    iOS and Samsung emojis

    Here is my collection of emojis, most of them are made by users winb33 and RickyBush_ over at xda-developers. Tested on Miui 9 and Miui 10, android 7 and android 8. Will also work in other roms than miui. Flash to restore stock emojis. Installation: 1. Download 2. Flash in...
  2. Xyrcon

    Someone who got Xiaomi.EU rom working on Mi 8 SE ?
  3. Xyrcon

    New [MI8 SE] [8.7.19] Error after boot

    You get the following message after booting the phone: Android System - There's an internal problem with your device. Contact your manufacturer for details. Rom works fine after, but it is a little annoying. Sadly I have no ADB dump. According to this thread others are also having this issue...
  4. Xyrcon

    [Mi 8 SE] Problem Unlocking Bootloader on the Chinese ROM

    I'm also getting this error, but rom works fine.
  5. Xyrcon

    Xiaomi Account Locked after .EU flashed

    You can always install a generic system image. You won't get miui, but it will make the phone usable at least (I testet Lineage OS on my MI8 SE and it works fine, except no notch support)
  6. Xyrcon

    Twrp V3.2.1 For Mi 5c Released ( )

    I can confirm that this recovery works. Direct download link:
  7. Xyrcon

    *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* Mod

    *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* seems to be working fine in mi5c, picture quality is better than stock app. 1. Download MGC_5.1.018_FINAL_3.3 and HAL3 from here 2. Flash HAL3 in twrp 3. Install MGC_5.1.018_FINAL_3.3 4. Run app :) If you update, you have to flash HAL3 again after.
  8. Xyrcon

    Gps Issue

    8.3.15 seems to have fixed the GPS bug :)
  9. Xyrcon

    New 3g Connection On Mi5c

    No problem
  10. Xyrcon

    New 3g Connection On Mi5c

    Did you enable 5 mode?
  11. Xyrcon

    Upgrading From Mi2 To A Newer Flagship (mi5s). Your Thoughts?

    +1 for Mi Note 3, better camera, faster cpu, more ram and larger battery than A1/5X. Only downside is no sd-card slot.
  12. Xyrcon

    Gps Issue

    Sadly it did not work for me, guess I have to do a full wipe to get it working again.
  13. Xyrcon

    Gps Issue

    Did you wipe between flashes or just install stable version over weekly, then install weekly again?
  14. Xyrcon

    Gps Issue

    Same issue here. Haven't found a fix yet.
  15. Xyrcon

    Update And Twrp Not Working

    Its on the front page.
  16. Xyrcon

    Update And Twrp Not Working

    I got the same error with latest weekly. If you download from site and copy to phone, it works fine.
  17. Xyrcon

    Update And Twrp Not Working

    Press volume down + power inside of twrp, this fixes touch.
  18. Xyrcon

    How Is This Possible?

    gapps is pre-installed.
  19. Xyrcon

    How Is This Possible?

    This method will work if you have fastboot installed. If you use minimal adb + fastboot, you have to copy twrp to that folder and follow instructions in video. I use the latest weekly MIUI9 rom...
  20. Xyrcon

    How Is This Possible?

    I had to set mode 5 to make 4g work. *#*#1#*#* TEL_Assistant ->Telephony -> Radio Access Tec -> 5 Mode -> Save, then restart phone after. No problems with bluetooth or connectivity after. Quick description of how i did it. Prerequisites: Minimal ADB and fastboot Xiaomi tool installed (for...