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  1. TrueDis

    Dialer does not show icons for type of phone number (mobile, work, etc)

    The contacts app lets you specify different types of phone numbers but no icons are shown to differentiate them in the quick dialer. It simply shows all numbers for a contact and leaves it to me to figure out which one is which. Sent from my PC36100 using the Forums App
  2. TrueDis

    Messaging app replaces words with emoticons

    Messaging app replaces common english words like Yes, No and Thanks with emoticons. Weird things happen like the word "nope" shows up as a thumbs down and then "pe" See other thread here:
  3. TrueDis

    Dialer favorites don't respect setting for single click on contact list

    There is an option in the dialer for "single-click on contact list" which I have set to call. With my favorites, when I click on them it opens the contact rather than calling. Why doesn't it respect this setting?
  4. TrueDis

    Disable lockscreen from notification

    I saw that the notification controls have a lock icon which I figured would enable/disable the lockscreen like in CM6.1, but instead it just seems to lock the phone. This doesn't seem to be a very useful function - is it possible to make it enable/disable lockscreen?