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    Resolved can not change the ringing of messages

    paramètres / son et vibration / notification sonore par défaut
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    Resolved can not change the ringing of messages

    Hello I have a Mi Mix 2 and I am on the rom mi 8.9.20
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    Resolved can not change the ringing of messages

    hello everyone, for a while ke can not change the ringtone / notifications messages. When I press a new ring, it saves me, but it sounds like it's the old ring. Can you help me?
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    Quick charge problem

    Hi, no for me it's a Aukey brand cable with Aukey brand charger too. The material I use works very well with my wife's Mi Mix 2
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    Quick charge problem

    8.8.3 My Mi Mix2 no longer supports fast. He tells me at the bottom of the screen when he is plugged in but it takes about 15 minutes to reload 3%. Do you have the same problem?
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    oh yes you're right, sorry I had not read everything
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    bonjour, sur sourceforge il me dit qu'il ne peut pas trouver d'informations miroir pour le fichier ... donc je ne peux pas télécharger la mise à jour
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    Super travail, un grand merci à toute la team bugs vu pour le moment sur Mi Mix 2
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    Help Us Raise Funds To Upgrade The Forum To Xenforo 2.x

    Donné 5euros, bonne continuation et un grand merci pour tout votre travail
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    Video Problem

    hello, I found that the videos become very dark in viewing mode. When you film everything is ok but after when you want to watch it the video becomes dark. Does anyone have the same concern?
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    Quick Charge 3.0 Does Not Works On Mi Mix 2 - Lastest Build

    Hi, restart it with the charger plugged in ... that made me synonymous but since everything is ok
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    Connecting Fossil Smartwatch In Adrois Wear.

    hello I have exactly the same problem as you and I can not find a solution
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    Oreo On Mi Mix 2

    bonjour, cependant après une journée avec ces gestes j'ai vraiment du mal. Je me demande si les boutons ci-dessous ne sont pas meilleurs
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    Rom Not Very Good

    hello, I'm sorry to see that the Rom and less and less good since about two update. The rom is less and less French, Facebook and messenger are limited English French and still when messenger is working properly. I really am sorry to write this because for almost a year I use
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    Cadenas En Haut De L'appli Chrome

    Hello everyone, for some time I notice that I can not close chrome at the same time as my other apps. a padlock and at the top right when I want to close it, do you know what it is? thank you in advance