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  1. lsiden

    Function to turn off all the animation

    Okay thanks. I already got it done with Spare Parts. Maybe I can take that off now that I know where to find it in Developer Settings.
  2. lsiden

    Backup the MIUI Settings, theme, organization

    You know, I used MIUI Backup to backup up everything before a wipe. (I installed a new radio and wiped everything to be safe, although upon later research, I may have been over-cautious.) After the system came back up, I went into MIUI Backup and restored everthing: first user apps, then...
  3. lsiden

    Function to turn off all the animation

    Where do you find Screen Settings with the animation toggles. I saw this when I first installed but can't find it anymore.
  4. lsiden

    where did Auxiliary Functions go?

    What about MIUI net disk? I thought I saw this after I first installed MIUI, but can't find it again.
  5. lsiden

    where did Auxiliary Functions go?

    I can't find Auxiliary Functions anywhere, despite it being mentioned in the detailed instruction guide. Does anyone know how to find this?
  6. lsiden

    Market problem over Wifi

    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this question because this may be a Google Play/Market problem, but here goes: I've been through several ROMs: Sprint Stock, CM 7.1, Salvage Mod, and now MIUI. Except in stock, I get the dreaded "Package file invalid" when attempting to...