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    I never had temperature problems with my 11T Pro running the eu-ROM. I don't play any games on the phone, but heavily use chrome, spotify and youtube. I got no heating problems at all. I'm running this rom since i bought the phone over a year ago (and after the 7 days waiting time to unlock the...
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    TWRP for vili - Mi 11T Pro - 3.6.2_12-Xiaomi11TPro_v6.3_A12-vili-skkk - Updated - 09/13/22

    Hallo, Englisch ist hier im Forum pflicht. Hello, english is a must in this forum.
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    Update Mi11Ultra geht nicht/does not work

    Okay. I thought the whole update process is full automatic or should be full automatic. Maybe when TWRP is official or it's no update from A12 to A13. I think in my Mi Max 3 was it full automatically from "install update" over TWRP flashing zip to the reboot.
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    Update Mi11Ultra geht nicht/does not work

    @stealth1379 Is this how it should work or should it do all automatically, without selecting and clicking anything by hand in TWRP?
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    Update Mi11Ultra geht nicht/does not work

    You have TWRP installed and working? Example with Xiaomi 12: As i tried to do a OTA update via TWRP, it took ~1min until the phone booted in TWRP. But in TWRP nothing happened. I had to manually select the downloaded and start the update. As long there is no recovery ROM zip for 11T...
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    [GUIDE] How to install ROM for Xiaomi 12/12S series

    Yes. Unlock bootloader and flash ROM with data format via script or TWRP.
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    [GUIDE] How to install ROM for Xiaomi 12/12S series

    Codename is "cupid" an ROM-name includes "XM12". You find fastboot and recovery ROMs in the MIUI stable thread.
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    TWRP for 11T Pro (vili) updated Jan 18 2023

    Nice, but i wait a few days more until official release is available.
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    Mi 11t PRO Rom instal requirements

    Should be easy to understand and its written everywhere. - Unlock bootloader (168h) - Download ROM zip file - Unpack downloaded zip file in the PC using WinRAR - Reboot your device to fastboot mode (press volume down + power) - Connect to PC via USB cable - Run fastboot installation script from...
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    Flash Xiaomi 12 from China-ROM to Gobal-ROM?

    Okay thanks. Good to know. So i can switch between ROMs. BL will stay unlocked, because MiFlash has an option for this.
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    Flash Xiaomi 12 from China-ROM to Gobal-ROM?

    @ekonstadoudakis You mean it's the same procedure? I only want to know, if i could change between china, official global or with the same piece of hardware.
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    Flash Xiaomi 12 from China-ROM to Gobal-ROM?

    Hi, is it possible to "transform" a Xiaomi 12 with China-ROM (china-import) to a global version? Bootloader is unlocked. So just grab the official global rom and flash it with miflash?
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    Xiaomi EU Rom for Xiaomi 12

    i tried a few times and finally with the original cable and on a usb 2.0 port it was flashed successfully. i was a bit in panic as i first tried with an other cable and/or with a usb hub and it failed a few times.
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    [GUIDE] How to install ROM for Xiaomi 12/12S series

    Xiaomi 12 succesfully flashed. :emoji_thumbsup: Original cable and usb 2.0 port needed on ryzen system. Thank you so much for your hard work.
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    Will there be a newer ROM?

    Hi, why ist there no new ROM since weeks for the Note 10 Pro (sweet)? Is Xiaomi not releasing new betas or is the phone to new to the market? Or are there not enough users on the planet to support the device as fast/much like other models? Can someone explain a potential or the exact reason...
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    Redmi Note 10 Pro Firmware?

    Change region to swiss and search for update.
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    How to "back to stock & lock"?

    Hi, i want go back to stock rom and re-lock the bootloader. I tried to flash the fastboot rom "lmi_eea_global_images_V12.5.1.0.RJKEUXM" via MiFlash (2018.5.28.0), but it failed because of anti rollback. Current installed rom is weekly 21.7.28 (miui 12.6). TWRP is also installed...
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    MIUI 12.6 21.7.14
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    Eror 7 update rwrp

    @hofi01 And thats the fix for this error? Thats a workaround, no fix. Also its the weekly rom. Theres no recovery.img.