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    Hi, on my 13 Pro with 14.0.23 rom, there is nothing in beautify of front camera. And once I click reset, the camera app will force quit. How can I report this bug to the developers? Thanks.
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    [GUIDE] How to install ROM for Xiaomi 13 series

    I have the same issue. Any solution? Thanks,
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    How to install super wallpaper?

    Thank you so much. It worked.
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    How to install super wallpaper?

    it worked with offical CN rom but not working with rom. Nothing will happen after i click the button.
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    How to install super wallpaper?

    Hello everyone. It's my first time using Android phone. Thanks for your help in advance. I flashed MIUI 14 on my Xiaomi 13 Pro and I uninstalled Super Wallpaper by accident in App Management. Then i found i can not download them again in this page. Anyone can help me? Thanks.