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  1. Schwarzzu

    Magisk without Twrp
  2. Schwarzzu

    AdBlock for Chrome and other apps

    AdAway - rooted, for most in-app ads, ReVanced - nonroot/root mostly used for Youtube, but can patch ads away from many other apps as well like reddit, twitter/X etc. , Iceraven browser - perhaps there are other ones as well, but I like this Firefox fork you can find on github that has...
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    Mi9 Custom ROM - question

    Use Miflash to flash back the official rom (without locking bootloader) and then flash whatever rom you prefer.
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    RuStore support

    But it is an app made by Xiaomi, the goal of is to not have any bloatware and only implement features that would benefit every user, not just some regions. You could always root the phone and write a simple magisk module that allows this.
  5. Schwarzzu

    Xiaomi Account Locked after .EU flashed

    Since was installed, its bootloader was already unlocked. Also I assume something was already figured out within those past 5 years.
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    Bootloop all of sudden. Wiped everything, now stuck in Mi Account Unlock with no keyboard and bootloops!

    Since the crash occurred during use and flashing stock, roms, with format didn't help.. possible hardware damage?
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    Mi unlock timer

    As long as you don't log out of the mi account on the phone, it'll be fine.
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    Phone case

    Aliex has plenty
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    Mix 4 battery issue

    Having a weird battery issue with mix 4 (odin), not even sure how to or if even possible to log it - battery percentage seems to be shown incorrectly, it may stay 10 hours on 100%, then slowly start losing percentages which is normal, at some point it suddenly loses 10-40% (depending on usage...
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    Broken Display - Enable USB debugging in recovery mode via adb.

    You could fix the phone as well, can find a new screen for around 30-50€ on aliex, it may or may not be as good as the original, but will allow you to recover data and have a backup phone later. Youtube is full of instructions and it really isn't that difficult.
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    Battery Drain MIUI 14 have you tried this?
  12. Schwarzzu

    Home button doesn't take me to home

    If you aren't deterred by the idea of rooting (and solving safetynet/play integrity headaches for some apps), this behavior can be modified with lsposed modules like customiuizer (development has stalled, but forks have given it support for newer android/miui versions).
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    Missing band 20 Xiaomi 13 ultra

    Most xiaomi phones you order from china lack B20 (there are some exceptions), wait for the global versions if that's important for you.
  14. Schwarzzu

    Full storage backup by TWRP?

    Yes, but personally I would avoid doing it, backing up data partition backs up every app with their settings, but also rom version specific data which makes the backup useless if you update (I'd use swiftbackup for backing up apps - requires root), backing up user data - internal storage...
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    splash screen logo replacement in miui14
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    Which rom

    Been using 12.5.12 Stable for a while now with minimal problems, but it seems to be a bit old now. I've read of many problems on newer roms, both stable and weekly for this device that some have even switched phones because of it. I'd like to keep it though as it satisfies my needs. TL;DR how...
  17. Schwarzzu

    How to unlock phone when unable to boot it.

    You could use xiaomis own miflash tool (not assistant) and flash stock rom in fastboot, then you can unlock for rom.
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    Use Broken Screen Poco F3 as 5G Hotspot

    adb shell rm /data/system/locksettings.db Haven't tried removing locksettings/gatekeeper files for years, but it used to be a valid method to remove screenlock if you knew the decryption password, but screenlock didn't accept it for whatever reason. Can also try renaming it should removing it...
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    flashing help

    If you already successfully flashed twrp, you could hold volume up during reboot or while pressing the power button, will boot into twrp.
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    How to do a "factory reset" and restore my device to as-new

    Settings - my device - factory reset or just wipe - factory reset option in twrp, also wipe internal storage (don't wipe anything else), phone should boot from a clean slate.