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  1. maravilha00

    Xiaomi 13 ultra camera worse than 11 ultra?

    the difference is that on 13 Pro there is a litle hand from Leica ;-) helping... but on your 13T try my suggestion, you'll see how much better the result can be by simply reducing the brightness before clicking your shot!
  2. maravilha00

    Xiaomi 13 ultra camera worse than 11 ultra?

    i do have 11 ultra... regarding higher contrast: very often it helps to simply lower the exposure / brightness before shooting the pic. try it you'll see :-)
  3. maravilha00


    nobody replied to you since last year?? strange... as a matter of fact, in my 11 ultra everything runs perfectly in Netflix. no dark picture but clear and HD, bright picture if automatic brightness is out and fully bright. i hope that maybe meanwhile you tried to reinstall from scratch wiping...
  4. maravilha00

    Xiaomi 13 Ultra announced

    glad to see you're impressed with 13 Ultra camera. A question: as you used 13Pro before, you must know about it's phantastic macro shot capacities. How stands 13Ultra with macro shots compared to 13 Pro ? Thanks for feedback.
  5. maravilha00

    New Mi 11 Ultra - Facebook App - 2D to 3D photo option - Result: black screen

    After installation of MIUI14/A13 the uploaded photos with 3D option show as enclosed printscreen: black screen with indication to move the phone in order to get the depth illusion. on a Redmi Note 10 Pro which recently has got the MIUI14/A13 update, actually these 3D photos also do not show but...
  6. maravilha00

    Xiaomi 11 Ultra (MIUI14/A13) - Facebook app uploading photos with 3D option doesn't show the result anymore since few weeks

    This is a very weird situation... Once I updated to MIUI14/A13 everything worked normally. Facebook app users certainly know that you can upload your photos and use the 3D option, so the result is a pictures which moves vertically and horizontally giving the depth illusion. So, this continued to...
  7. maravilha00

    Xiaomi 12S Leica Camera install on Mi 11 Pro/Ultra

    i have xiaomi 11 ultra since 1 1/2 year with stable ROM, latest version MIUI14 / A13 but it doesn't allow me to install the apk with leica camera app 4.3.004660.0 as indicated in another reply. How did you manage to install it? Thanks in advance for help.
  8. maravilha00

    A different way to make macro shots on Mi 11 Ultra

    Due to the fact that there's no macro lens on the 11 Ultra, shots made with digital 2x zoom on main wide lens are not that perfect. Recently I thought: what if I use the video 8K option, fix the focus on closest distance possible (about 10 cm) and start filming during few seconds while moving...
  9. maravilha00

    [HowTo] Install Recovery image

    you mention that during the procedure "- optional you can flash TWRP permanent with "Install Recovery Ramdisk" where exactly has that to be done and how? sorry if i ask something obvious for you, but i am not really well informed, i just manage to follow the tutorial to install the ROM step by...
  10. maravilha00

    Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra "Insert SD card before using camera"

    i decided to reinstall the previous version with MIUI13 on Android12 on which all works flawless for me.... waiting for next update to see if these real serious bugs will be resolved!
  11. maravilha00

    Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra "Insert SD card before using camera"

    this thread does NOT give any solution, i.e. the proposed solutions did NOT resolve the problem.
  12. maravilha00

    "Please insert SD card before using Camera"

    Same case for me after updating to stable ROM V.14 with MIUI14 and Android 13. And I do not know how to go back to previous version MIUI13 with Android 12 if ever you know how, let me know, or somebody reading this comment. Thank you very much.
  13. maravilha00

    MI 11 Ultra - MIUI14/A13 - after installation of stable ROM - "Insert SD Card before using camera"

    After updating to latest ROM (xiaomi.eu_multi_MI11Pro_MI11Ultra_V14.0.6.0.TKACNXM...) there are a number of bugs: - camera: cannot use it even though all permissions are given, it appears a message "Insert SD card before using camera". - internal Backup and restore option does not work, when I...
  14. maravilha00


    I remembered you because meanwhile I found out that YES you can switch off the video stabilization. You have to go into Pro Mode, select video instead of foto. once in video Pro Mode open the definitions where you will find the button "image stabilization" on/off. basically that's the better...
  15. maravilha00

    Mi11 Ultra portrait fotos without 3D depth map ?

    Actually i noticed that e.g. within "StereoPhotoMaker Pro" it is NOT possible to open portrait photos made on Mi11Ultra under "DepthMap" Option... This would mean either there ISN'T any depth map or there's a hidden depth map not compatible with this program... I had a Mi Note 10 Pro before...
  16. maravilha00

    Camera Bug

    actually i doubt that a factory reset will eliminate a certain amount of stutter, mainly while paning horizontally a bit quickly... meanwhile i did some more trials and found out: - standard stabilization CANNOT be deactivated - steady video option: only 1080 at 30fps, it does crop the image a...
  17. maravilha00

    Camera Bug

    actually i wonder if you have the latest stable ROM with MIUI13 and A12 installed? it should be 13,0.9 that's what i have installed and if in video mode within camera app, there is NO option within the definitions to activate or deactivate stabilization. Instead you will find in the preview...
  18. maravilha00

    Camera Bug

    may i suggest you do it first with 1080 and 30fps where the effect is more noticeable. i did it then like you with 4K and 60 fps.... the effect is less noticeable but it still is there. Not a bug though but logical as it is ELECTRONIC and not optical stabilizationl
  19. maravilha00

    Camera Bug

    hi there. i checked on my 11 ultra.... it does exactly the same thing. but then it seems logical to me as itis ELECTRONIC stabilization not optical. which means the devices processor does ARTIFICIALLY stabilize the images through checking a certain number of frames before and after the actual...
  20. maravilha00


    yep... delete default values and clear cache resolved it, Trash bin is back :) :emoji_thumbsup: