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  1. MartinMcFly


    Anyone with a Mi-one having problems with wifi not working? If so how did you fix it? Thanks.
  2. MartinMcFly


    Mines working fine. No major problems.
  3. MartinMcFly


    Is it just me but on my M1 my calendar won't sync. Contacts are fine but no calendar.
  4. MartinMcFly


    Never had to re-enter sim unlock code with previous versions of Miui. In the morning my "Profile Scheduler+" app would take the phone out of flight mode and into normal mode and emails, sms, etc would start to arrive as I woke up.
  5. MartinMcFly

    [ASK]Lock Desktop

    I have exactly the same problem with my M1. When scrolling through Google calendar widget it sometimes reverts to setup mode with the lines around it for resizing.
  6. MartinMcFly


    Since I have installed V5, every time I come out of flight mode on my M1 I have to input my sim card unlock code. Didn't have to do this with V4. Any suggestions please?
  7. MartinMcFly


    Worked it out! Hold back button for a moment and I get bookmarks, etc
  8. MartinMcFly


    Am I missing something, on my M1 the browser looks the same. No new bookmarks or yellow pages tab.
  9. MartinMcFly


    Should have mentioned I have the same issues as Nurcondro re. Google apps.
  10. MartinMcFly


    Just flashed this highly anticipated v5 update on my M1 and found that there is no google sync option that I could find so I'm in the process of going back to 3.3.8 as it was working fine. I can't live without my google calendar sync and it's too late to muck around now 12.34am.
  11. MartinMcFly


    On my Xiaomi M1 I find the battery consumption rubbish. Losing 30% overnight on flight mode.
  12. MartinMcFly


    Just updated on my Xiaomi Mi-one. Installed latest update without deleting anything, seems okay so far. Complete themes still work, individual lock screen or icon themes don't. It's a bit annoying but it's a developmental rom and not the end of the world.
  13. MartinMcFly


    What a pack of whingers and whiners. This rom and the work done by the guys running this site is a work in progress. It's not guaranteed as a stable rom yet. If you have a problem work it out or re-flash an earlier version which is more stable. Smile, life's to short.
  14. MartinMcFly


    This rom is a work in progress. I think that all mature people on this site would realise that fact. On my Xiaomi M-1, my themed dialer is no longer themed under this latest update. Should I post pretty pictures of before and after and write WTF like a child because it's now broken? Obviously no...
  15. MartinMcFly

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.10.19 Preview Changelog (Week 111)

    Still waiting on Jelly Bean for the Xiaomi M-1.
  16. MartinMcFly

    In Progress "loading" when closing apps

    Deleted all sms messages and problem still persists. Not to worry it's only a mild irritation and should hopefully be resolved with future firmware updates. Issue only started on my Mi-One with recent firmware upgrades.
  17. MartinMcFly

    In Progress "loading" when closing apps

    Thanks for the reply.
  18. MartinMcFly

    In Progress "loading" when closing apps

    Thanks for letting us know that it was there before.What would be more helpful, are you aware of a fix.
  19. MartinMcFly

    In Progress "loading" when closing apps

    Should have noted previously Xiaomi mi-one m1 OS: Miui 2.8.10.
  20. MartinMcFly

    In Progress "loading" when closing apps

    I only have about 100 contacts and around 200 sms messages and the same problem. So I'm patiently waiting for a resolution to this annoying issue too.