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    64GB microsdxc cards: working with stock ROMs but not with MIUI

    The Sandisk microsdxc 64Gb card was confirmed as working with the Galaxy S2: Unfortunately, I tested it with MIUI and it didn't work. Specifically, I tested it with MIUI...
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    How do Xiaomi and this website make money, or at least survive?

    I understand Xiaomi sell their own smartphone in China, but why do they develop their ROM for other smartphones, too? Cyanogen is a user-driven community but Xiaomi is a commercial company: why do they even bother developing ROMs for other phones? I am sure they're a bunch of very nice people...
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    VOIP SMS. is it possible on MIUI ?

    I have a fistext account which I use with the fishtext connector for websms. Works great. If you don't know what these are, google the words. Sending messages is not free but very cheap, especially if you send them abroad.
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    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    Definitively! I find it extremely annoying to have to disable the lockscreen + enter a pin lock. On many Android forums there are several unanswered threads demanding exactly this. Kudos to you for implenting it! I'll try it on my Galaxy S2 as soon as I have the chance.
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    [Feature Request]: Visual Voicemail

    I am using the app HulloMail on a Samsung Galaxy S2. I am in the UK and my network provider is GiffGaff, which uses the O2 network. Works like a charm.
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    cwm nandroid backup checksum error
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    is there a way to disable the lockscreen (but leaving a pattern or pin code) ?

    I have MIUI 1.11.11 on a Samsung Galaxy S2, but hopefully this is not a Galaxy-specific question Is there a way to disable the lockscreen but set a pin or pattern lock? In other words, I'd like to unlock the screen only with a pattern or pin, rather than by first sliding open the MIUI...
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    2G/3G Toggle

    I found the answer myself. As I posted here: After updating MIUI it disappears, but it's easy to extract the MIUI-signed apk from a nandroid backup and reinstall it.
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    2G/3G Toggle

    I have done the same (resigned, full wipe, flashed the new rom) on my Samsun Galaxy S2 and it worked fine. My question is: do I have to redo this manually every time an update to MIUI is available (usually every Friday)? Or can I update using the updater app? If I use the updater app would I...
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    2G/3G Toggle

    Have you noticed an improvement in battery life? If yes, roughly by how much? Thanks