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    New Mi 11 pro. Recorded frame not the same as filmed/viewed.

    When filming in 60 fps there seem to be a strange bug that makes the recorded frame to become "ahead" of the frame that was seen while filming. Especially when zoomed in, a moving object that you keep in the middle of the frame will in the recorded video even get ot of frame. As if the...
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    Mi 11 pro. Filming at 60 fps using the tele lens?

    Just wanted to ask if anyone here knows if there are any ROMs for Xiaomi Mi 11 pro that supports filming in 60 fps using the tele lens (5x camera) ? I'm using MIUI 13.0.12 (.eu) and was surprised that the camera can do 4k 30 fps but not 1080p 60 fps using 5x camera lens. When filming in 1080p...