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    Message Auto delete

    I deeply shocked when all message in inbox lose. I aware of this problem when want to write a message to a friend. Already happened twice in 2 weeks time. Is there anyone know why? Highly appreciated for help.
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    Market issues FC at launch

    Try to clear cache & dalvik a few time. Reflash the ROM & follow by latest English Pack.
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    Low Phone Reception

    Anyone know tips, tricks, setting to improve the Signal Reception of phone/ I using CELCOM from Malaysia with latest MIUI ROM & Radio as mentioned on my signature. Thanks to all. Your help highly appreciated
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    Droid led notification

    This NOT work for MIUI ROM. It was clearly stated there.
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    Removing Icon Labels

    I using different ADW EX Launcher.
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    Super Circle Battery Mod--Nexus One

    Thank you for your time Pendo. It work great on me.
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    Miui 0.12.24 n1 english language pack #1e merry xmas

    Thanks Mark. My mistake not think about that. Before this I not need to do this to get all English after flash your English pack but only time time. I appreciated for your work. I NEVER & EVER ungrateful your work, Mark Do wrong I ask?
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    Miui 0.12.24 n1 english language pack #1e merry xmas

    Hi Mark. Happy xmas to you. I have the problem with your English pack. The ROM still in CHINESE even after flash your english pack. For your info, during the flashing, it show that "Device is HTC Desire" It is correct file? My device is Nexus One. I download from your above link.
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    Changing your fonts [ How to ]

    Where to download the font?
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    Changing your fonts [ How to ]

    Please tell me how to do that. Thanks
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    New Market App For MIUI

    Guide To Run Latest Market (it works for me at least... I have encountered no FC on new Market) 1. MIUI ROM 12.18 2. Upgrade ROM from previous version MIUI ROM 3. Clear data on old market. Immediately flash latest gapps the "with_traditional_market" zip 4. Run Market once (accept User Agreement)...
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    New Market App For MIUI

    This is what I did. 1. Clear data on OLD market. 2. Download latest GAPPs with old market. Flash it & open market to accept agreement. Reboot to recovery 3. Download latest Gapps with NEW market. Flash it & Open market. You done.
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    New Market App For MIUI

    Try this step: 1) Uninstall all market versions from your phone. 2) Reboot (not hot boot or shell reboot) 3) Install Market version 1.82 (APK HERE: 4) Launch Market, accept agreement 5) Reboot into recovery and flash Market 2.2.7
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    [Q] Market Fix

    Download the latest Gapps with old market & new market 1. You need to clear market data. 2. Flash the latest gapps with old market through recovery without clear dalvik & cache. 3. Open the market & accept the agreement then close it. 4. Flash the latest Gapps with new market without clear cache...
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    New Market App For MIUI

    Yes. It worked great. No font cut off & FCs.
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    New Android Market

    It work for me. The only have issue as item 1 & 3 above
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    SMS texting bug

    Yes. Nothing loose if you flash on top of it. Just clear cache & dalvik
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    New Android Market

    I have the Market (Vending.apk) version 2.12. Are this the latest? What version?
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    New version so fast? 0.12.11

    Relax Man. Just download a updated fix file & reflash. It simple.
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    Gmail update

    Where can get the latest gmail.apk file?