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    Mi Cloud SMS

    Its already off, i haven't turned anything on in mi cloud except find device. Is it possible find device may be reason of sending this sms. All the other things are already off.
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    Mi Cloud SMS

    Hi last month i tried changing xiaomieu roms between weekly and stable multiple times. I wasn't aware that it sends an international sms to 447537151541 everytime on new setup after flashing. I got the bill this month of extra 3$ and searched for this no. on Google and some forums say its...
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    MIUI 13 22.10.12

    Understand but the main problem is this dual app doesn't shows up in inbuilt app lock apps list so in a way i can't lock it which means it clearly gives file explorer access to anyone even if all apps are locked. Can this app be removed in future updates (its in priv-app>> documentsui) Because...
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    MIUI 13 22.9.29

    anyone found fix for Google's files app.? its having dual apps plus it doesn't show in dual apps menu so no way to turn it off. i tried to disable main app but dual one didn't go away . Main app did go away with disabling but came after a while. any fix???
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    New Google Assistant Location Update

    I don't know if its google assistant bug or this ROM, i am having trouble with google assistant not updating location in background, i use waze for navigation while navigating if i use google Assistant to check location it doesn't update it only tells last location when I opened google maps and...
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    Volume Bar Issue

    I am having issue with my Mi 11 ultra volume Bar, it doesn't shows up when i click volume buttons +/- unless i open some video or music player. The volume bar will not open most of time when i am on home screen and want to lower or increase volumes. [The volume buttons are not assigned anywhere...
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    Mi 11 Network (Smarty)

    It reminds of a feature in Miuipro roms in which we can set any network according to our need like 4g only, 3g only, 2g only, 4g+3g, too many options were there. I also want to turn off 5g in eu rom but can't and facing frequent network drops issue.
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    New Mi 11 Ultra Network Issue

    I was on MIUI13 EU stable rom facing frequent network drops even sometimes when on call, so i switched to eu weekly rom and same issue. I have tried latest global rom but didn't faced this issue not even once. I have tried setting it in prefer 4g, 3g all modes but same issue. I can confirm its...
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    Moving between xiaomieu roms

    As its required data format when moving from weekly to stable eu rom, do we need same in opposite scenario i.e. stable to weekly.? Also what about updating weekly roms, do we need reset when updating weekly lower version to weekly higher version?