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    Phone calls issue version 1.10.14

    To fix permission, open up the terminal app or use rom manager.If you use rom manager just let the app to all that it needs to do then reboot. If you use terminal app follow these directions. 1) type su then enter 2) type a2sd fixapk then enter After you have done all this reboot the rom. This...
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    how can i get the old versions of miui

    Here is how you can get older versions. Go to the market and download MIUI downloader. Once you have installed it you can download older versions.
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    Google voice

    I just re-installed build 1.9.2. Went to make a call. I have setup google voice that it asks me everytime I make a call. But for some reason, it won't let me choose. I have the checked of the option to allow third party feature in call setting. Have installed the app and re-installed it still...
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    1.9.2 market doesnt connect to google servers...???

    I don't about you guys. But I had this problem since build 1.8.19. I think that I have notice it more since I have spare batteries. Whenever I changed the battery out. The market doesn't sync. But I also had the problem even when I would reboot the rom. It becoming a real pain in the but. Just...
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    1.6.3 Theme Manager FC

    I just flashed the file. It works on my N1. Thanks. But it doesn't solve the problem. It doesn't force close anymore. But I can't change any of the themes. It will apply the themes, but nothing changes. Even when I customize theme and choose like the a different boot animation. It says that is...