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    I want to change icons individually

    /data/system/customized_icons_1/packagename.png Package name can be found from quick system info. Should work :-) Sent by Owl Post
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    Uninstall Miliao Option ?

    Its a system app so to uninstall it go to recovery and use adb shell: adb shell mount system adb shell rm -rf /system/app/miliao.apk Alternatively, if you are s-off just use root explorer to delete it, then reboot
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    Translation error?

    2g does use less battery, so I think its a translation bug.
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    Weather Conditions in calendar

    This removes it from the calendar. I wouldn't say it was the easiest thing in the world to do, but I can post instructions until (if) it gets merged into the language pack. Edit: Most of the work would be automated, it would just require you to type some commands.
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    REQ: Removal of Lunar calendar related strings in framework-res

    In the strings.xml of the values-en-rUS/values-en-rGB/values-en-rNZ/values-en-rCA/values-en-rAU there exists some translations that I believe are not relevant for English. <string name="the_spring_festival" /> <string name="lantern_festival" /> <string name="the_dragon_boat_festival" />...
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    Weather Conditions in calendar

    Ok I think I've worked it out. After coming up with nothing by decompiling the apps, I decided to check with the framework-res. These strings are included in there for some reason. <string name="the_spring_festival" /> <string name="lantern_festival" /> <string...
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    Weather Conditions in calendar

    I probably missed something, but I decompiled all apps on my phone and searched for "Warm" or "Heatwave" and came up with nothing. So my guess is that it isn't a string, but something else. Would be interesting to know how widespread this is.
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    Music and notifications?

    In the music app go to settings then enable embedded album art and download For voicemail ... listen to the voicemail in full Sent by Owl Post
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    Miui doesn't sync Picasa Web Album

    If you have a google + account, just enable instant upload in its settings. Then it will sync with your google photos which picasa web is being relabelled to anyway.
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    Weather Conditions in calendar

    Are yours the same dates?
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    Weather Conditions in calendar

    When I open up my calendar, on certain dates there are weather conditions. These conditions appear on the same day ever year. What are they? I only have one calendar showing (my google one) and there's no weather on there. EG: "Warm" is written on every July 7th..."Heatwave" on every...
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    Thanks a lot :D
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    How to install custom boot animation from .zip in MIUI 1.7.1 ?

    /system/media/ with permissions of 644 if you just want to overwrite it, unless the moto defy has a different filesystem location to other miui roms.
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    If anyone has an invite free, can they send it to lukejgibbs at gmail dot com please :) Thanks guys
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    Brick help?

    Have you got a PB zip in your sdcard root? Try putting the SD in a SD reader and checking what is stored in the root of it. Also run adb logcat > log.txt when booting and upload it to pastebin
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    HD2 - Android. How to change the global Google/Android password

    Try to sync the account. My device, when i change passwords, and try to sync will come up with a failed sync and give me a password input box
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    Get rid of the "New Message" Notification

    This seems to imply its a different app doing it. What devices are you using?
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    Get rid of the "New Message" Notification

    Sounds like its NOT from the stock messaging app because that certainly doesn't pop up a post card notification. Get use a screen shot and we might be able to help.
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    [REQ] Delete Music Widget from Launcher

    You're looking in totally the wrong place. Those files are also in /system/app of the zip. Delete them before flashing. Or alternatively delete them using adb.
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    MIUI backup between flashes

    Being someone that can't quite make up my mind over MIUI and CM, I often change between the two. One of the features I missed from CM7 was the ability to back specific things up on /system between flashes. They way CM does this is by creating a file (/system/etc/custom_backup_list.txt) in which...