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    miui app drawer

    i agree with all that ur saying... but just to be clear, "Redefining Android" is the slogan voted on by the community for this website. I don't believe it to be the actual slogan of MIUI and is not affiliated with the actual MIUI developers, just the translators and great guys at this website :)
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    MIUI - 1.7.15 - KeyBoard

    +1.. it looked like a great keyboard too
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    Incredible S - Software S-OFF, CyanogenMod... MIUI Possible?

    That's awesome that u translated it urself, props to u for that
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    Samsung Droid Charge

    try too and see if anyone there can help. i haven't seen many new phones ported lately, kind of disappointing
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    Rotation Animation

    Today i was messing around on my friends stock droid x and saw that his phone did a nice little animation when rotating the screen. Is that something with moto-blur? regardless where its from, can it be implemented into miui??
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    D.Inc 2??

    Coming in the future maybe? Now that they're getting permanent root and soff that would sick to have miui on that phone
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    MIUI history?

    it started showing up on xda around september last year and then was ported in october but didn't get much progress because the new sense had just came out so that had a lot of the attention. i think around november it got more attention and nix picked it up and got it all going properly
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    MIUI Apps - What do you want to see?

    definitely calculator and stop watch are needed. and they need to fix up the alarm clock now -- the dials used to switch the time are horrible and jump around a lot
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    Miui Lovers!!! **1 Thing you hate about Miui Rom that you would like fixed??**

    i think what pisses me off the most about the rom (and probably the only thing that does) are the dials when trying to set an alarm. i like the idea to use dials instead of just tapping up and down but they are not very functional. u have to scroll awkwardly and it usually just keeps going and...
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    Vote for the new MIUI Slogan!

    miui, android evolved is pretty legit. the slogan has to be really simple and short; you shouldn't feel like your reading a sentence but rather just a few words. i definitely agree with someone before who said to get rid of the exclamation point tho
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    New Music Player (1.4.8)

    Scrolling in the new music app is wayyyy smoother for me, it has its pros and cons aesthetically tho Sent from my ADR6300 using the Forums App
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    how to register with

    lol i did it with a lot of work with google translate, like copying and pasting random words into google translator, along with some guess and check and eventually it worked
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    Looking for an instructions to root htc evo 4g - will be my first time

    i would say check the evo forums at xda, there are plenty of guides this is one for the, but it should be pretty similar to the Evo
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    Can't boot up phone!

    So i had MIUI 1.3.18 running on my D.Inc just fine. A few hours ago i flashed 3.25 over it and everything was just fine. I wanted to upgrade my friends MIUI to the new version so I unmounted my sd card and put it in his phone and took his sd card and put it in my phone. his sd card however, was...
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    awesome tutorial, made my life a wholeee lot easier. installed and is working just fine, thanks man
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    MIUI gingerbread improvements

    my launcher is silky smooth, i think it's all kind of luck at this point. everyone seems to be getting slightly different pros and cons. some of my menus however are pretty choppy too
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    MIUI gingerbread improvements

    it comes with the aosp lockscreen? ... that would suckkkkkk, i hate that lockscreen haha
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    SMS over 160 characters..

    is that what happens? i always wondered lol.. i can send texts over 160 characters and never really questioned it, just accepted it lol
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    MIUI gingerbread improvements

    thanks, that's what i figured. excited to have some gingerbread action anndddd MIUI
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    MIUI gingerbread improvements

    there are plenty of guides on how to port roms on here, check em out! it's usually just swapping a bunch a files around from previous ports. Also, i thought the Incredible would be getting the new update because it is CM7 capable?