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    Crackling Sound from speaker on mi 11 ultra

    Hi, did you find a solution or identified what needed to be fixed? It just started on my Mi 11 Ultra.
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    Slightly buggy release. I don't understand how the gallery bug could go unnoticed. Whenever you share an image to a social network app, it will add the name of the app in the photo description automatically. So sharing 10 photos in WhatsApp will show "Whatsapp" text under each of the 10...
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    New MIUI Gallery storage leak? [Mi 11 Ultra/MIUI13]

    Thanks for your reply. So I did a factory reset yesterday, but this time I decided I don't want to use the MIUI gallery anymore to prevent another unneeded factory reset. The problem is that MIUI doesn't let other gallery apps delete files :/ I get a pop-up notification every time : Are you...
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    New MIUI Gallery storage leak? [Mi 11 Ultra/MIUI13]

    Diskusage only shows what I can already see.. the folders are in orange colors, so I guess I will need root permission. I wonder if anyone will take a look at this bug, this is a really nasty bug - 10-20GB of data that can't be freed on a phone is A LOT! I don't have much choice but to factory...
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    New MIUI Gallery storage leak? [Mi 11 Ultra/MIUI13]

    Thanks for the reply. As I said, I made sure the Trash and Trash Bin are both empty (from the Gallery UI). But I decided to check in Android/data/ anyway: Cache: 0GB Files: 3.8GB Files\gallery_cache_disk - 3.2GB Files\trashBin - 396MB Files\vlog - 50MB Still...
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    New MIUI Gallery storage leak? [Mi 11 Ultra/MIUI13]

    I'll start by saying that I upgraded from MIUI12, so the issue could be a leftover bug that moved with me to MIUI 13.0.5. My phone is Mi 11 Ultra 12/512 (CN with EU rom). I installed clean EU rom (12.x) and upgraded to MIUI 13.0.5. The problem: MIUI Gallery app storage is at 14.88GB...
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    Flashing this fails with Mi 10 Pro and LR.Team TWRP (3.4.1 or 3.4.2). It just boots back to TWRP. Tried for hours and eventually gave up. If there is anything I can help with, I'm here.
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    Serious issue with MIUI - Can't see screen (Mi 10 Pro in my case)

    I don't know what causes it, but sometimes the ultra battery saver mode gets triggered on. It happened to me twice on vacations during hikes. Do you know what it means? It means you do not have a camera with you anymore. Why? Because it's impossible to see the screen , and there is no way to...
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    Black dogs are not supported by Xiaomi

    Nah.. nothing works. This camera can't shoot black dogs. Racist camera :) #blackdogsmatter
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    Drain battery

    Let me just update that the issue stopped when I flashed Global version instead of the EU version. Maybe that EU versions had a bug. Global works much better for me, but I lost : 1. Dual sim. 2. Double tap to lock. Also, there are few Xiaomi apps that can't be removed. Still, my phone works...
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    Black dogs are not supported by Xiaomi

    I have a black dog.. The stock camera is incapable of shooting good photos of black dogs. Won't focus, try to overexpose the dog until it is bright gray, smooth it as if it was noise..It's like their machine learning algorithm did not have black animals. It seems *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* + underexpose is the only...
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    Data roaming is not saved after reboot

    In Israel, cellular networks providers can rent coverage from other companies. Data coverage is best when data roaming is enabled on devices (we don't pay extra for it). The problem is that on my Mi 10 Pro (running Global MIUI12) it keeps disabling data roaming after every reboot. Anyway to...
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    Mi 10 Pro Bluetooth issues

    Few days after using Global MIUI 12 on the Mi 10 pro: 1. Not heating issues that I experienced in EU MIUI12. 2. No Bluetooth issues. 3. Battery life is good as in Global MIUI11. 4. I miss double tap to lock that EU has.
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    Mi 10 Pro Bluetooth issues

    Oh, Official Global MIUI 12 started deployment on the Mi 10 Pro. I will install it once they upload it and update back. Edit: I upgraded now to MIUI 12 Global. Hopefully it will work better than the EU (battery life, heat). I'll update after few days of usage about Bluetooth.
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    Mi 10 Pro Bluetooth issues

    Agree with both of you, I did not experience any Bluetooth issues in Stable EU MIUI 12, but the battery lasts longer on MIUI 11 and the phone runs significantly cooler on MIUI 11 (Global). Also, the camera has all the buttons in the UI (in MIUI 12 you need to swipe the zoom button left/right to...
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    Mi 10 Pro Bluetooth issues

    I'll go back to 12 once it is officially released and update here (doesn't matter to you anymore though).
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    Mi 10 Pro Bluetooth issues

    Same issue. Mi 10 Pro China version with Global MIUI11. I don't think I had this issue back when I used EU MIUI12. Sometimes it just won't connect to my speakers or the other phone, only reboot helps.
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    MIUI 12.0.4

    On my Mi 10 Pro at least, Official global MIUI 11 works better than EU MIUI 12. The phone is cooler, smoother, the battery lasts much longer and the camera app is nicer on MIUI 11 since I have buttons for all the lenses without having to do gestures or go into menus (in miui 12, macro is hidden...