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    Some english translation suggestions

    I noticed some strings that should be changed. Here are the changed strings: Monitor.apk strings.xml <string name="traffic_data">Monitor traffic</string> <string name="mobile_traffic">Set data allowance</string> <string name="anti_stranger_summary">The first ring from an unknown contact...
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    Android Messaging app FC

    Try to delete your mmssms databases at /data/data/ If that does not work you can try a wipe without restoring anything. If you still get a FC after the wipe post a new logcat.
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    Android Messaging app FC

    It seems to be crashing on your sms database. Did you restore your messages after the wipe?
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    Missing date class file?

    I'm guessing this is because of these strings <string name="day_of_week_long_monday">Mon</string> in framework-res. This should be "Monday". For some reason all of the long names are shortened in the language pack.
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    3g-gps problem

    Go to your APN's and keep only one.
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    Battery Settings 1.7.1 (Nexus One)

    battery_stats_duration and battery_stats_last_duration in Settings have changed.
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    Battery Settings 1.7.1 (Nexus One) developers changed that string to "Consumed %1$s uAh since unplugged".
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    Market not showing all apps

    That market isn't showing all apps is probably related to in build.prop for the Desire HD. It's still set to an old test-keys one. I have it set to this and I can find your apps: CL47853 release-keys...
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    Chinese text in superuser app 1.5.27

    There are some new strings: <string name="permisson_phone">电话</string> <string name="permission_message">短信</string> <string name="permission_root">ROOT</string> <string name="permission">权限:</string> <string name="permisson_phone_summary">所有的电话权限</string> <string...
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    Battery use awake time is wrong

    My phone is a Desire HD. MIUI redesigned the Battery use screen after you touch the graph but awake time is completely wrong. As you can see in the pics my phone is on battery for 1 hour 13 mins and Awake time is completely blue so it thinks my phone is awake 100% of the time. But in the...