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    MIUI 0.12.31 Korean Pack for N1,Desire

    Will it work on odexed 12.31? Nexus one
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    Wrong heap size

    Is not stable? Why? I thought 32mb is standard value. My one is 64mb, no problems with it
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    Anyone having problems with N1's internal mic?

    May be it's deodexed version problem? Didnt notice any issue on odexed chinese 12.24, except incredible lags of global search/tasks menu
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    Just checking, Does anyone else get random restarts?

    Wiped and flashed again, also uninstalled setcpu... didnt help :( Today i have recieved a mms and it have rebooted 7 times. I think something wrong with cpu governor or memory manager
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    Just checking, Does anyone else get random restarts?

    Facing that issue on original miui odexed...
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    Periodic Mildly Annoyed SMS force close

    Have no problems with it. Something wrong with your 3rd party programs... do wipe...
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    Multilple input languages

    Want to know too... The only thing i know - it stored somewhere in framework. Have checked framework-res and didnt find anything...