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    Problem with update

    Just installed 12.1.5, after 12.1.3 came twice as an update, and I'm wondering how will we know if the problem with dual apps is cured, despite risking to try?
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    Miui 12.1.3

    If you have used dual apps at some point before, you have to go to security app, utilities and delete dual app accounts.
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    Problem with update

    Thanks, mate. I haven't even noticed that the update is to Android 11 and haven't heard of the problem. No Viber now for the work sim card, but also no worries :)
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    Problem with update

    So I read what has to be done and I did it - added the dual app account I had and deleted it afterwards from Security app. So now I can install the update and not worry for having problems? Seems strange - formatting data should have solved this, I think?
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    Problem with update

    Hi, yesterday installed the latest stable version on Mi Note 10 Pro, dirty install over the previous - - every single app would crash in attempt to load and the phone was unusable. Did format data(after I managed to download data from the phone only from TWRP - with miui, file transfer...
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    Hi. At first I did a dirty install over the latest stable 10 and after that I did a clean install. The dirty way it was ok, but now Google play services drains the battery seriously. I saw that there have been some updates to the current version and I wonder if it will help if I install the...