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    Mi9 front fingerprint icon not showing after flashing to

    Settings > lock screen and password > Manage fingerprints > Show fingerprint icon when screen is off
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    Yeah thank you, I have finally found it elsewhere too. But why it is not available on the Rom downloads section?
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    B28 (LTE) on Mi9 (Taiwan Version) with EU ROM

    No, flashing roms doesn't affect the bands.
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    There is no where to download it for the Mi9 too. I had the notification to update on my phone but don't want to install it as last time I have tried it has encrypted my TWRP and I couldn't do anything except wipe all data and flash TWRP and rom again :(
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    Fingerprint sensor shortcuts

    Hi, I can't find where (if possible) to change the shortcuts for the long press on fingerprint sensor. I would like to personalized them. Thanks.
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    China ROM to EU

    Unlock bootloader, flash TWRP, put the rom on your device and install it from TWRP.
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    Mi9 Chinese version & ROM. Works?

    I have flashed my Chinese Mi9 with the rom without any big problems (but I failed to flash any official rom!). There should not have any distinction between phones versions as for the official global there is no distinction on the official website regarding the storage and Ram capacity.
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    Xiaomi Mi 9 code name: 'Battle Angel' press launch on 20th Feb 2019

    Same here, I am in China so I plan to buy it here, but wonder if they will let the bootloader to be unlocked, as the Chinese version and Global version don't have the same bands (not like Mi 8).
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    Widgets On Home Screen

    It's been like this since first MiPad and I don't think it will change. I also don't understand why they didn't simply do as on the phone. Not really convenient or useful.
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    Latest Mi Pad 3 Rom?

    Sold out on Xiaomi officials websites. They are preparing next MiPad from what I have read (
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    Latest Mi Pad 3 Rom?

    I don't know, I am using Multirom (multilanguages).
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    Latest Mi Pad 3 Rom?

    You can search for Google Installer, or any kind of these apps that can install Google services. Sometimes you need to try different ones to have Google working properly. Check on forum, I think there are some posts about google apps. Or just flash a new rom (flash Chinese Dev rom...
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    Latest Mi Pad 3 Rom?

    If you want English language you can still use the Chinese rom and add Google services. If you want multi languages rom, better go for or, these roms will be updated.
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    Is The Mi Pad 3 Is Still Being Updated?

    Thanks a lot, works perfectly. The rom seems to be quite good.
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    Is The Mi Pad 3 Is Still Being Updated?

    I try to download Multirom rom, I have 503 error, no server available. Do you have same problem?
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    Software Issues And Thoughts

    I think security center is not present in MiPad, in any MiPad. You can open the Themes app by searching for it in the search bar. You will see the icon and be able to open it. But it is crashing on my MiPad. Got same issue with buttons, they don't light up when I touch the screen, on take time...
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    Updater App Popping Up With Error

    It seems that some errors appear to some people and not others. I have forced close message using the native camera app, but it seems it is working well for others. Perhaps cleaning Dalvik cache? or reinstalling the rom as last solution?
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    Updater App Popping Up With Error

    Ah yes, sorry, I don't know why I have answered this! :eek: you can just manage permission for the app in the installed apps section but I don't know if you can stop the app completely...
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    Questions Before I Buy A Mipad 3

    I am not sure there is a stock rom available for the MiPad. If you keep the original Chinese rom (which you can switch to English, it has both languages) you will have OTA updates. If you install you will only have to download the update to the Mipad and update it manually from the app...
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    Updater App Popping Up With Error

    Maybe you can use a third party app market. I am using a Chinese one called Coolapk.