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    MIUI 10.4 9.4.18

    There is no drain here. Everything is good. Mi8
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    MIUI 10.4 9.4.11/12

    Yes you can.
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    MIUI 10.3 9.3.28

    Turn off the phone.
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    MIUI 10.3 9.3.7

    No drain here Mi8.
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    Invalid Redmi note 5 pro magisk problem

    Yup that's something with newest magisk problem. It's killed all the time. 17.1 works as intended.
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.17

    It is double tap volume down. Enable that in settings.
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    New Preferred network is still on Chinese, not EU

    i don't have it too.
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.10

    Custom theme?
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    Display colour banding

    i don't have now any phone with amoled near me. i will use same picture to see if on other phone has color banding. i know it's due to picture has less quality because on other pictures there is no problem at all.
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    [solved] [8.12.27] on Mi8, light/torch is not turning on

    I'm using it always so i would notice this issue. On latest 27 i don't have that problem. Did you perform a clean flash? Probably not, so try to do a clean.
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    Display colour banding

    On some photos i have it, but it is due compression and other stuff, but i don't have that problem generally.
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    MIUI 10.3 8.12.27

    You need to have 20 posts to get update.
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    Display colour banding

    Can you make a video about it?
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    [04/04/2019] [MI 8 GCAM] Xiaomi MI 8 Google Camera Mod (Stable) [BSG]

    It's nice to see whining and people just saying there is lag there is lag. Well i like it because you didn't read anything so writing same thing again because people are lazy to search and do some study about problems...
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    MIUI 10.3 8.12.27

    You can't do nothing because it is custom solution (you are using code right?) that you do (and i do only LTE/wcdma on my network). Only solution that stays is selecting in settings, but it is no go for you and me too. I'm not rebooting everyday, I'm rebooting only every Friday when flashing...
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    MIUI 10.3 8.12.20

    This is not German forum. Go to German forum or speak English here if you want any help.