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    MIUI 10.4 9.4.18

    Hello. When will Xiaomi finally solve the Wlan problem? It has not been possible for months to automatically get to Wlan. Start your W lan box again and you will see that no automatic wireless connection is made.
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    MIUI 10.4 9.4.11/12

    still the wan problem. will probably never be solved.
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    MIUI 10.3 9.3.28

    Old bugs of Android 8.1 have been taken over. This is bad. Automatic network connection still does not work. Too bad a pity
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    MIUI 10.3 9.3.7

    Still no automatic connection to the WLAN possible.
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    MIUI 10.3 9.2.28/9.3.1

    Still no automatic connection to the WLAN possible.
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    MIUI 10.3 9.2.21

    With me also with the W lan. no automatic connection
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.24/26

    At the beginning of the week the weather app went really well so I praised it. Now I take the praise back, because the error (network connection could not be established) is back. The weather app will forever remain a construction site you just can not get it on XIAOMI and that's really sad that...
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.17

    Hello. So I have to say that last weekend the weather app runs great. no idea what Xiaomi did, now the app works great. Thank you
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.17

    Weather does not crash anymore but still does not work properly. If I open the widget, the weather should refresh like a thousand other weather apps only with XIAOMI is not possible. The best thing would be if you remove this app, it will never run properly. One update after the other and...
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.1/2/3

    Did not do much. Since Xiaomi should really work on it, the weather app uses almost everyone.
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.1/2/3

    Weather app does not crash anymore but network connection could not be established. The quality of the weather app leaves something to be desired. ( with the patch )
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.1/2/3

    wyred why China
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.1/2/3

    Full reception and full network no update possible.
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.1/2/3

    unfortunately with me too. The weather app is the worst I've had so far. Network connection could not be established, that is already months, just bad and nothing is done
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    MIUI 10.3 8.12.27

    I get this info since recently. I can still flash. Your internal storage is encrypted. After rebooting to recovery, please enter the device unlock password to proceed.
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    MIUI 10.3 8.12.27

    Hallo. Ich habe Probleme mit dem Chrome-Browser für die letzten beiden Updates. Er friert 5 bis 10 Sekunden lang ein. Habe das reflash System bereits sauber installiert, leider ohne Erfolg. Chrome gefriert immer wieder.