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  1. Kyogiro

    Can't Resize The Partitions :(

    Flash twrp and reboot directly into the recovery. Sent from my MI PAD using Tapatalk
  2. Kyogiro

    No More Mipad Support?

    I enabled Nova launcher but couldn't test it because I don't know what gestures / features would use those services. I could turn on Opera Max (for data saving) and the VPN key appeared on my top bar Sent from my MI PAD using Tapatalk
  3. Kyogiro

    No More Mipad Support?

    Printing as pdf works fine (using Chrome Beta but I reckon it must be the same on vanilla chrome). Here's the page of accessibility on my Mi Pad. I've been very critical of Xiaomi about their tablet support, either on MIUI 7 or 8. That being said, going away from MIUI, it's been a blast...
  4. Kyogiro

    No More Mipad Support?

    Dunno about office documents and printing since I'm not using the app and my printer's been broken for ages now. I'm running Lineage 13.0 which is based on Android 6. So far, apart from the camera (which does not work on Lineage 14.1 either), everything works way better than any MIUI rom based...
  5. Kyogiro

    Rom For Mi Pad 2

    The bootloader is locked, so you'll have to wait a bit and there's not ETA yet. Sent from my LG G4 using Tapatalk
  6. Kyogiro

    Mi Shops In Shanghai?

    I've been there (address given by Henning), I got 2 of my earpieces replaced (sweat damage). It's like an after-sale service of XiaoMi. They sell some stuff too but not the newest ones with low supply (Mi4c). It is not a "real" shop like Apple's ones but it does the job when it comes to...
  7. Kyogiro

    Easiest Way To Root?

    There is no Security Center app on the MiPad. I use the method after each update which is a bit annoying. Sent from my MI PAD using Tapatalk
  8. Kyogiro

    5.9.10 On Mi Pad

    The MiPad has always been kinda the ugly duckling among XiaoMi devices. Since day one, we got an official MIUI rom which wasn't on par with phones. With MIUI 6, nothing changed, still lacking key apps such as security centre or poor multitasking management. Now that MIUI is out and available...
  9. Kyogiro

    Mi Pad Capacitive Buttons

    If you upgrade to the latest ROM and there's a issue, my guess would be you're gonna need to change the tablet at some point. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime using Tapatalk
  10. Kyogiro

    [rom]red Kat - Miui V6 Custom Rom Redmi 1 Wcdma

    Thanks mate, will try it out. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime using Tapatalk
  11. Kyogiro

    Is Miui V6 Lollipop?

    XiaoMi is not great at upgrading Android on its devices mainly because MIUI is more like a true fork of Android. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime using Tapatalk
  12. Kyogiro

    While Listening To Audio Files, They Stop Alone

    What earphones are you using? Have you tried others ? Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime using Tapatalk
  13. Kyogiro

    MULTI 5.6.4

    Ok, thanks for testing it out mate. I'll probably have to somewhat do a wipe to be thorough, it's just gonna be such a pain since my Tablet and my SD card are almost full. I'm gonna need to back all that that data and then restore it... Sent from my SM-G906S using Tapatalk
  14. Kyogiro

    MULTI 5.6.4

    I performed a factory reset when I switched to v6 last fall. But none since because everything was working as intended (so not so well, but I was getting by). I connect my Tablet with my XiaoMi soundbar, then : 1) the tablet gets really hot 2) the sound drops, but my music player (Spotify) is...
  15. Kyogiro

    MULTI 5.6.4

    I still have a bug with Bluetooth on my MiPad. It overheats then kinda reboot the device. Do others MiPad users have a similar issue ?
  16. Kyogiro

    [rom]red Kat - Miui V6 Custom Rom Redmi 1 Wcdma

    @Sonic1SVK : Thanks, I agree, I don't think there's a need to make an every week rom. Once (or twice) a month is more than enough.
  17. Kyogiro

    2 Questions

    1) I have no idea what you're talking about. Never had this problem. 2) In the updater app, in the settings, try to unable checking through Wi-Fi. Not working very well with me.
  18. Kyogiro

    [rom]red Kat - Miui V6 Custom Rom Redmi 1 Wcdma

    Don't worry too much about RAM usage and management. More there is, more the system will use it. As long as it is usable, I wouldn't manage opening /closing apps manually unless it is something that requires to do so (GPS apps for example).
  19. Kyogiro

    [rom]red Kat - Miui V6 Custom Rom Redmi 1 Wcdma

    450 MB of what memory? If it is concerning storage, could you make a screenshot? I don't know about the xperia keyboard which works for me but I hardly ever use it. I've replaced it with TouchPal because I need to type Chinese in a regular basis.
  20. Kyogiro

    [rom]red Kat - Miui V6 Custom Rom Redmi 1 Wcdma

    1) Like mentioned in the op, the rom is signed, so you can install it through the updater app which will bring you into recovery or reboot into recovery and do it manually from here (both stock and custom recovery work). Just search a bit if you never did that, there's plenty information in this...