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    Xiaomi Mi Max...!!!!!!!

    Nice battery life .Good phone
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    Mic Problem During Speaker Call

    Based on your description , I think there is no problem for your hardware , speaker is working really . Maybe it is the bug of the system . Advise you to wait for a while and then it can be solved by system automaticlly .
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    Mi4s Display Problems?

    So reddish screen , this is not xiaomi quality . I think you bought the copy screens . Xiaomi can't use this kind of lcd display . If you buy original screen , it is normal colour . Original screen can be bought from dragon-tt .
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    Xiaomi Mi 5 Type C Connector is a shop selling original xiaomi parts .
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    Xiaomi Mi 5 Type C Connector

    If you need mi5 2.0A EU plug Wall Charger ,Type C cable USB Data Sync Charge Cable or Type C OTG cable, you can have a look in dragon-tt.
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    Mi4s Display Problems?

    Dragon-tt supplied original xiaomi 4s lcd display assembly with touch screen. We tested each screen. All display normal.
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    Battery Life

    (1) Do you run some app at the same time ? If yes , it drains the battery faster . I have the same experience . (2) If you connect wifi and data at the same time , it drains the battery more too . (3) Sometimes , this problem caused by the system updated .If this happens , we have no way but...
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    Bamboo Back Cover

    Original Battery Cover Back Housing Cover for xiaomi MI Note - Bamboo is available in
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    Original Screen Xiaomi

    You can buy original xiaomi note screen from I suggest you buy Original genuine Complete screen with housing for Xiaomi Note minote – White. This item is easy to replace. LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly for xiaomi MI Note - White is original. It has no frame so it is cheap.
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    Mi-4c Battery

    Replace mi 4c battery please.
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    Where To Buy Xiaomi Mi5

    You can contact seller. They can buy mi5 for mi fans.
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    Black Screen - Redmi Note 2 Doesn't Start Anymore

    You can try to replace the battery.If it still has problem, maybe the mainboard has problem. Redmi note 2 battery is available in
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    Microphone Problem And Usb-pc Connection

    If you call someone they can't hear you very well, Maybe your microphone has problem. It is soldered on USB plug chargeboard. If you can not solve this problem by update miui rom, you can replace USB plug charge board flex cable for xiaomi Redmi Note 2.
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    Camera Problem Mi Note Pro

    You can root it to stable rom . I have same problem for my red mi note 2 with developer . When I root it to stable version ,it is working now .
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    Usb Connection Broken

    Hello friend , I can recommend a reliable shop where you can get mi3 usb charbing port connection . Please check here : .This shop is popular in miui France .
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    Battery Life Rn2 Prime

    I am using red mi note 2 with Tianma display . The screen with high definition and the battery life is so short . I have to charge twice every day . I like this phone very much ,the only problem is that I have to charge it twice a day .
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    Xiaomi Minote & Minote Pro Screen

    Double-sided Adhesive glue white glue for xiaomi note mi note frame/bezel Sticker is best choice besides original glue. It has stronger stickness than normal glue.
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    How To Replace Broken Camera Lens?

    Protective Glass of Rear Camera with Holder and Sticker Adhesive for Xiaomi mi4 is in stock in dragon-tt. It is not expensive.
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    Mi 4 Replacement Screen, Bottom Flex Cable This video will guide you to separate LCD screen assembly and frame. But it is a risk to operate this. LCD screen and touch screen assembly with front housing is better choice for for many mi fans. Wisd you can succeed!