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    Mi 5s plus memory management

    I turned off everything that have to do with xiaomi's memory management but whenever I tap the x in recent, it still clears any background services that is suppose to be running persistently (like "macro droid", an app similar to "tasker"). This cause the app that need to stay running in...
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    Can't control/sync media volume with Bluetooth headphone?

    I just got a Bluetooth headset and I found out that you cannot change/sync the media volume with Bluetooth headset, the volume control on Bluetooth only controls the Bluetooth headset while the volume control on the phone only controls the phone volume. Is this suppose to happen? If so, is...
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    Mi 5s plus MIUI

    Will miui 9.6 stable be released for mi 5s plus or will it jump straight to miui 10 stable when it is out?
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    Tutorial How To Update/upgrade Miui?

    What is MIUI(SB) and what is MIUI(ICS)?