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  1. Zhen Bang

    HyperOS 1.0 24.1.22

    I have issues with the Instagram automatic brightness change, even in stock global too, might be Instagram issue in this case.
  2. Zhen Bang


    So if I clean flash the rebuilt ROM I still need to install that APK to make Play Intergrity work right? It doesn't pass OOTB right?
  3. Zhen Bang

    HyperOS 1.0 23.11.8/13/16

    Small issue I got here, for the lockscreen customization I can't use my own picture on Magazine styles, the one with depth option. When I chose my own picture, it just won't show up or it shows detecting layer but loading infinitely. I've tried normal picture, picture with added depth from...
  4. Zhen Bang

    New Xiaomi 12s Pro update notification

    Sometimes you updated before the updater pushes update, just wait for a while or a day or two until the updater gets the correct version, it will disappear.
  5. Zhen Bang

    Poco f5 pro

    Use MI Flash tool to flash fastboot ROM and locked the bl.
  6. Zhen Bang

    How to recover deleted vids&pics secret album on gallery

    Check if it is inside trash bin.
  7. Zhen Bang

    Doubt about Xiaomi Cloud removes synchronization with the gallery

    As per I know, Xiaomi is moving your Mi Cloud photos to Google Photos. Your subscription will be changed to Google One too. Check here What I did was login to Mi Account using PC Mi Cloud and...
  8. Zhen Bang

    McDonalds App no longer works

    This should be Google side issue, they are tinkering with Safetynet and Play Intergrity. Be patient and wait until Google fixes it or team fixes it.
  9. Zhen Bang

    Can I use my phone while boothload

    I assume you have done unlocking, then you can turn on the phone normally if it doesn't reboot by itself, and you can remove from PC or even change SIM. Just make sure not to apply for unlock for the 2nd time (In Settings) else it would reset your timer. The timer should be 168H which is 7 days...
  10. Zhen Bang


    Check here. You need not to flash modem if you have no issues.
  11. Zhen Bang

    I can't change the lock screen anymore

    Connect your phone to PC, authorize ADB, then run adb shell, then pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.mfashiongallery.emag This will uninstall Wallpaper Carousel completely.
  12. Zhen Bang


    ROM is good, more features than Global (Using China as base), Game Space works, modem issues happens in some regions except Southeast Asia proably. Flash modem from Global ROM if you're facing issues.
  13. Zhen Bang

    I can't change the lock screen anymore

    If you could, debloat wallpaper carousel with adb completely.
  14. Zhen Bang

    issues connecting redmi note 9s to PC and car share

    I have a Note 9S and it have no issues for Android Auto/ Windows connection on V14.0.4.0. You should try with original cable or try with a high quality cable that allows USB transfer. Else try clean flash your phone.
  15. Zhen Bang


    First, you should flash back any MIUI that is still booting. Then you apply for bootloader unlocking, wait for 7 days, unlock your phone and flash the original ROM back with the option flash_and_lock.
  16. Zhen Bang

    New Xiaomi 13 Ultra 5G Region Locked

    Should try with other SIM to confirm the issue, as far as I know Xiaomi doesn't have SIM lock.
  17. Zhen Bang

    Redmi Note 9S - New apps not working and causing phone to be unresponsive

    Try a clean flash or factory reset. Else you might need to change your phone.
  18. Zhen Bang

    New Xiaomi 13 Ultra 5G Region Locked

    China device lacks of some bands in some region. While 10T Pro is Global device so the bands are there and supports your region's 5G.
  19. Zhen Bang


    This is a somehow dangerous way especially you cross-flash with China ROMs, best advice I can give is flash to one that can boot, apply for unlock, then flash and lock MIUI Global
  20. Zhen Bang

    MIUI 14 23.8.6/7

    V14.0.9.0.TKACNXM would be latest stable and V14. is the latest weekly, or beta whichever you know it as.