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  1. DarkMio

    Antivirus / antimalware app

    Purchase any anti-virus app in the market. They are all great. But they don't do anything. A normal App can't access the Application-Package (.apk). It can touch itself and it can change the .apk - but only it's own package. So, if an app has any rootkits, or exploits or smth. - an antivirus-app...
  2. DarkMio

    Anyone know how to package apks? (or .mtz themes, for that matter)?

    Not completely right. .mtz are ZIP-Containers - in WinRAR you have to say: 'only store' - because it isn't compressed and not so much work for the phone to access the files inside. The same goes for .apk and .jar. Only simple .zip-containers. Rename them to .zip, and do whatever you want. ;)
  3. DarkMio

    Reduce Icon Size, Display Full Icon Text

    MIUI hasn't this feature. But you can wrote an simple ICON-Theme. But it's a lot of work: Get every .apk - extract it with WinRAR or something else - go to the /res/ folder, get the icon, throw it into PS or something, resize it, and make a new folder with this a folder like 'com.name1.name2' -...
  4. DarkMio

    2-18-11 Early Release Notes

    Stabilityfixes, yeah! I hope the OpenGL Libs are included / recompiled... this week, Pocket Legends crashed 6 times, and bricked my phone... x,.x" Only thing that helped: Wipe the dalvik-cache. Sent from my Nerdonophone using the PokéDex