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  1. decipher895

    64 gb on my Pad 5?

    Hello, My xiaomi pad 5 shows that i have 64 Gb only on my tablet but i bought it with 128 GB. I dont know If its just a bug or just a Mistake itself from the tablet. Can somebody help?
  2. decipher895

    How do i erase all data trough pc?

    Hello, my Pad 5 doesn't work properly and i wanna wipe all data but i cant do it in miui recovery. It will say failded to wipe data. Can somebody help?
  3. decipher895

    Xiaomi pad 5 doesn't find miui and cant do wipe data

    I wanted to flash windows 11 on my pad 5 and i miserable failed. Now i cant do nothing and wipe data also doesnt work(Failed to wipe data). I followed his steps and i managed to flash miui 13 but after i restarted my pad 5 it couldn't find miui. I really need help. I have school and need my device.