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    squarebing - I sent you one mate. lukyjay - to you too.
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    MIUI gingerbread improvements

    MIUI gingerbread? have they released it already? is it available for HTC Desire ?
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    Desire will get 2.4 update in June. so let's hope they'll update the MIUI too.
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    MIUI Calendar?

    thanks man! It's made my life so much easier now. ;D it changed everything. again ;P lol sorry for being sarcastic. but thank you for the tip, didn't know that before.
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    MIUI Calendar?

    put what? You mean add all of the holidays myself? :D
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    MIUI Calendar?

    it could also be nice if they implemented national holidays, and stuff like moms/dads day, etc. Im bad with the dates, and it's pretty useful.
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    Changing MicroSD Card in HTC Desire GSM

    yeah, just do full backup, and copy over all the files from the SD card, then apply the backup on the phone. it should be fine. just remember to partition the card properly first.
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    applanet? what's that? and if he did put it on the market- I don't think it'd be fair.. I mean the MIUI devs made the app, they dont get money for it, why would he make thousands on it ? because let's look at it- if he puts it on the market, he'll probably make few thousands out of it..
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    what's the fuss all about man ?! it's only a few quid a year.. I bet the donations would be fine, and he can also consider using a free servers, I mean it's not like it's gonna be a lot of traffic made just by the weather app, even if it was on 10k phones, I dont think it'd generate more traffic...
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    did you consider using one of those free servers?
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    make it a market app, we'll pay the 99p, other people would use it, and im sure if like 1000 people bought the app, you'd have the money for at least few years to keep the server alive :D
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    Web version of Android Market not pushing installs to phone

    make sure you're logged into Google Talk app. if you are, lof out, the log back in, and then try. it worked for me.
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    APP2SD+ Doesn't work?

    ok, I solved this. just download Termina Emulator from Android market, and then type in the emulator: su then a2sd cachesd the phone will restart, and you'll have all your internal memory on full. the command moves devlik cache to the EXT. which should happen by itself, but for some weird...
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    Apps2SD not working

    how did you format the memory card? and for me- it seems as it is sort of working.. I mean the ext is getting filled up, but it's like that was just a copy of what there is on an internal memory. basicaly when I install an app, its filling the space up on an internal memory, but on ext aswell...
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    APP2SD+ Doesn't work?

    hi, I've got the latest MIUI on my HTC Desire. and the thing is- APP2SD+ Doesn't seem to work. I formatted the ext to EXT4. and it shows 887 MB Free out of 0.98 GB. after I install any app, the free size doesn't seem to change, but the internal memory "shrinks" with every app I install, so...
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    Please add officiel Desire HD support

    they added it to the official list. take look at
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    Apps2SD not working

    it shows on my phone as it should show, all 900 and something mb of space, but the app2sd doesn't seem to work. I mean all of the apps seem to be installed on phone memory. I have barely 100 apps, and the space's already full, I can't install anymore apps. even though the ext partition has over...
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    noob question

    when's it crashing? and installing a phone dialler- but you have one already installed, so why's the need for another one? :D
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    Animations ?

    I think it's only the phone which is slow that it's showed on :P I can't believe such a simple animation could get that much time to do. even on 600 MHz.. is that video 2.3 or 2.2 ?
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    Sometimes my screen won't turn on / wake up 1.1.7

    mark- im not saying they're bad, Im sorry if it insulted you. I only meant that it works for me, and the guy said he's got a desire, so I just suggested to try that out.