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    Which Mi Four

    Well what's done is done... and I am stuck with a piece of crap
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    Which Mi Four

    Xiaomishop, Xiaomiworld or oppomart don't ship to Pakistan. But the site which is pretty big here, places an order through these site to Europe and then bring them here. It takes 2 months for the entire process.
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    Which Mi Four

    I got mine from MiFlash does not list / detects the phone :(.... looks like driver issues in my Windows 8.
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    Which Mi Four

    I have done a check here: "", where I found its China Unicom version bought on August 8, and I have ran Antutu, Quadrant, CPUz, 3D Benchmark... all say it has 16GB internal in total, 3 GB RAM and 2.5GHz Quadcore. The only issue I have its somehow locked and does...
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    Which Mi Four

    in all cases donot buy "Unicom 3G version" 1) It does not have MIUI recovery 2) No menu in updater to load a new ROM. So you can get any ROM on it,... 3) Just 1 GB for apps in internal storage.
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    How many of us will be buying Xiaomi MI4 ?

    I bought one and I already regret it.
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    Unlocking China Unicom 3G version of mi4

    I recently bought Xiaomi mi4 in Pakistan (not officially available), I was having issues installing MIUI v6 version and rooting it only to find that its a China Unicom 3G version of mi4. The problems I have: 1) It does not have MIUI recovery 2) No menu in updater to load a new ROM. Everytime I...
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    [Enhancement Request] Theme Format

    Most of themes have common icons and other resources, and it would be great if they can be referenced in the theme file rather than having a copy in each mtz file. This would mean the icons, lock screen, launcher etc. are separate files, downloading a theme means checking if some or all of the...
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    Default notification sound

    If you have deleted a ringtone, or SD card is not available, the system should revert to default ringtone. Generally I recharge my phone using my PC and SD card is dismounted, as a result I don't get notification on incoming call or SMS sound