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    Step By Step Guide?

    Did you do a full wipe and cache wipe before flashing the rom? Some people have even said that rebooting the phone once after install tends to solve FC issue.
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    Battery Drain

    I found the culprit app, Hotmail. The app was draining the battery on push mail settings it seems. I uninstalled it and all is fine again.
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    Music Player Lyrics Download

    The music player on my Incredible S MIUI 1.10.14 downloads the lyrics in Chinese, how do you change its settings to download English lyrics?
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    Battery Drain

    Hi, I am posting this here since I cant find a section for the newly supported Incredible S. I installed this ROM on my phone last night, installed some apps and went to bed. I woke up in 7 hours to find my battery down to 5%, I had fully charged it the previous night. Upon checking Battery...