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  1. MER_12

    USB tethering is disconecting

    Hello! Anyone else has the same problem? I need to fix it, but I couldn't find a way to do it... It should not be a process that remains active despite entering sleep mode? Thanks.
  2. MER_12

    USB tethering is disconecting

    Hi, Sometimes I use the USB tethering (hotspot) to share my connection. Every time the phone goes to sleep, the internet connection is disconnected. Until now, I solved it by changing the sleep mode options to never. But from what I see in the forum that option has been deleted by xiaomi. Is...
  3. MER_12

    New Extreme Batery saving no working

    Hello After Miui13 actualization, the Extreme battery save mode is not working in my Mi11 little. I activated it as usual, but the phone is staked in the "activating" screen. I see a "tic" in the first elements ( stopping apps, screen brightness) but he never past the las step (black mode)...