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    MIUI 8.3 7.4.13/14

    Guys i installed the latest version for mi2s and music playback is not working properly no matter the music player app I use (built in or other). It skips beats during playback. Everything in the background is closed and I already tried cleaning up all caches etc... I think it's a rom issue. Can...
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    MIUI 8.3 7.3.9

    Can anyone help with this :(
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    MIUI 8.3 7.3.9

    Guys i have an even more serious issue. I tried factory resetting to see if my sensor issue would get fixed and now i can't access my phone as I don't remember my mi account password and the xiaomi site doesn't work properly so I can't reset it anymore. Is there a rom i can flash the can bypass...
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    MIUI 8.3 7.3.9

    I dial the code *#*#64663#*#* for sensors and it doesn't react. It won't take me to the hardware menu. As soon as I hit the last * the whole code simply disappears. I am typing it correctly. Why is this? Also it's not the glass screen protector. I tried removing it and it didn't work. I have the...
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    MIUI 8.3 7.3.9

    Guys in having a problem with my mi2s since some time. The proximity sensor works as like it's constantly covered which means when I make a call the screen goes immediately black and I can't use it properly. Can someone help with a solution?
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    [problem] Cannot Update My Mi2s

    I have the same problem. Can someone help us fix this?
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    MULTI 6.6.30

    Please can someone help with my query above? I don't know what else to try in order to update since the twrp sees only the internal storage of 700mb and not the main 32gb storage :(
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    MULTI 6.6.30

    Guys I need some help. I'm on miui 7 v6.5.5 on my 2 mi2s phones and I want to install the latest rom available. I noticed that in twrp i can't see the phone storage where the zips are, just the smaller root/system storage. Why is that? How can I fix this so I can flash the zip?
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    MULTI 5.12.31

    Guys anyone knows if our beloved mi2s will also get v7.1?
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    MULTI 5.7.16

    Guys cna someone give me a step by step of how to install on mi4i? I tried through flashify and when it reboots in mi recovery the flash fails... What do I need to do? Can I flash from custom recovery such as cwm or twrp?
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    MULTI 4.11.21

    Guys anyone running 4.4 on mi2s?any bugs or all works fine?
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    MULTI 4.10.31

    Guys how is the v6 4.4 working on mi2s? Have bugs been eliminated? All things work?
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    MULTI 4.9.26

    Guys has anyone tried the 4.4 miui6 for mi2s 32gb?how does it fare? Any bugs/drawbacks? Any positives?
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    MULTI 4.5.30

    Guys help please! I updated my hongmi wcdma to 15 stable version, and my wifi stopped working. The wifi switch is "greyed out" and I can't interact with it. I tried going back to 13 version but didn't fix the problem!!! Can someone assist? Is there a modem zip I should flash to fix this? IF so...
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    MULTI 4.5.16

    Next year? You mean never? Or actually could come next year? Sent from my Nexus 5
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    MULTI 4.5.16

    Acid do u know if there is a 4.4 in the works for the original Hongmi phone? Sent from my Nexus 5
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    MULTI 4.5.16

    Guys please some help. I have the mi3 wcdma 64gb from china with original chinese firmware. I haven't rooted or done anything. Can someone give me a short guide on how to flash the latest miui found here with 4.4?do i just download the file and flash using updater? No need for root nothing...
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    How does Hongmi's storage work?

    Hi acid, could you please give a hand with switching my hongmi to use the sdcard for apps installation? I use hongmi with miuiandroid stable 13 rom, rooted.... I tried a guide with the vofb file but it doesn't work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Sent from my Nexus 5
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    Replace internal memory by SD card

    Anyone? Sent from my Nexus 5
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    Replace internal memory by SD card

    Guys I tried this tweak and it doesn't work. I am on version 13 Stable on Hongmi WCDMA. Is this method still valid? if not is there an alternative? Appreciate any help you can provide.