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  1. ov1lord

    Mi 11 pro Wifi

    I was writing this reply to you yesterday and today I got the same problem. This motherboard is only 3 months old and now my wifi stopped working. I'm going to buy a Samsung phone now. No more Chinese crap
  2. ov1lord

    Mi 11 pro Wifi

    It's a problem with the motherboard. Back up your data Now! I have mi 11 and one day it just died and I lost all my files. I had to change the motherboard at a local repair shop. It costs about 120 euro. You can buy yourself the motherboard from aliexpress but it's 100 euro.
  3. ov1lord

    Screenshot from Banking apps

    Most banking apps don't allow you to take screenshots so I don't see the problem here
  4. ov1lord

    Bug Notifcation MIUI 14

    Many people complain about the push notifications in miui 14. Try a factory reset. If that doesn't work go back to miui 13...or try the beta rom
  5. ov1lord

    MIUI STABLE released for Mi 11 venus

    Can anyone confirm if you have different settings in the camera app on miui 14? Like the ability to use Leica colors and filters -
  6. ov1lord

    Adaptive refresh rate

    There is no fix. Xiaomi mi 11 screen is not LTPO. It doesn't have adaptive refresh rate. For that you need to buy xiaomi 12/pro or 13/pro
  7. ov1lord

    MIUI STABLE released for Mi 11 venus

    You need to use twrp A13-venus Probably you won't need to format data but it's always recommended after and major update
  8. ov1lord

    MIUI STABLE released for Mi 11 venus

    Following this thread too. I'm still in miui 12.5.7. . The most stable for me, never updated but now I'm thinking to give this miui 14 a shot
  9. ov1lord

    What happens if you do "fastboot flashing lock" after installing custom rom?

    I think you need some special code to un brick it and you can't find it on the internet. Only phone services have acces to it. But I'm not sure, I remember that I read that on this forum
  10. ov1lord

    Battery drain normal?

    First of all tell us what version of the rom you are using(miui version) Are you rooted or no? Do you have magisk modules installed on your phone?
  11. ov1lord

    Mi 11 ultra Fingerprint not working

    Don't bother with this type of people. They probably install so many weird apps, root their phone and do a lot of system modifications, don't reset the device after an major update and they come here to complain about random stuff. If you flash correctly there should be no errors or bugs...
  12. ov1lord

    Adaptive refresh rate

    It works you just don't know how to use it. First set refresh rate to 120hz then go to apps>manage apps and find app "battery and performance" and delete all data for that app. Then type 90hz in set edit app
  13. ov1lord

    Xiaomi 12S Leica Camera install on Mi 11 Pro/Ultra

    Do you guys know if this Leica camera works in miui 12.5.7 stable (android 11) or you need miui 13?
  14. ov1lord

    Mi 11T Pro - Screen Burn In?

    Bro if your screen looks like this picture that means you have a burn in. It's caused by keeping the screen awake on max brightness with a static image. And it's a hardware problem. You can't fix this. You need to get your screen replaced. Ask them if the warranty covers screen burns (and it should)
  15. ov1lord

    DJI FLY APP no conect usb to 11T

    When the that menu pops up (charging /data transfer etc) I just click Cancel and open the dji app and the drone is detected
  16. ov1lord

    Mi 11 eu. rom 13.0.8

    How's the battery life compared to miui 12.5.7?
  17. ov1lord

    What are your Courbet EU ROM experiences?

    First try to reset your phone. After a big update you need to reset to get rid of the bugs and lag. Xiaomi eu is a great rom, it's based on the Chinese rom but without the bloatware
  18. ov1lord

    Is safe to buy mi mix 4 in europe (greece)?

    They are one of the best chinsese shops. And if you live in Europe you don't pay any tax. The phones are Chinese versions and you can choose to keep it stock or they will flash xiaomi eu on it. I got my mi11 from them. Shipping in 3 weeks for Romania. I recommend this shop
  19. ov1lord


    Can anyone confirm if you get adaptive refresh rate menu in display settings for xiaomi mi 11? I'm talking about that menu where you can select auto or manual 60/90/120hz
  20. ov1lord

    mi 11 (M2011K2C) screen issue or firmware issue

    It looks like "burn in". It's typical for amoled displays. It's a hardware issue and you need to replace the screen.