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    Vibration strenght

    Is there any way to raise vibrations strenght? They are really really low and I cant feel them at all unless I touch the phone. Answers only from people owning Xiaomi 12/Pro please.
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    Mi 12 PRO sound problems

    Regarding point 1 and 2, anyone else having same issues with this phone? Seems like a not problem with the ROM itself but just Xiaomi 12 Pro...please let me know how it looks from your side.
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    Mi 12 PRO sound problems

    I have these problems on MIUI Global 13.0.14. Updated from 13.0.10 and nothing changed.
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    Mi 12 PRO sound problems

    Hello, I have 3 sound problems with Xiaomi 12 Pro. 1) When somebody is calling me, sound is coming from the top speaker, not the ear speaker above the middle camera and everyone can hear the caller...also it is not that loud at all, even at the top volume. 2) Quiet microphone during...