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    Separate audio output per app?

    I've tried looking for a way to separate the audio output per app in MIUI 14 to no avail. Essentially, I would like to play music via Spotify on my Bluetooth speakers while keeping my phone as the audio output for another app I'm using simultaneously, but if I connect the Bluetooth...
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    Google contacts not syncing

    Hmmm, this is a bit suspicious. I have the same issue as of today on my Mi 11 Ultra, also on The Contacts app is only displaying a handful of internally stored contacts, while all my Google accounts display 0 contacts. The Google account sync is working, I tried to initialize contact...
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    New My notifications are not showing up

    Having the exact same issue on my Mi 11 Ultra since updating to Stable. Push notifications either entirely fail or are severely delayed (e.g. receiving a batch of email notifications after a week) across multiple, diverse apps (Gmail, Signal, banking app, Telegram, just to name...
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    New [SUNSTONE MIUI14 STABLE] Web Browser Font

    I second this. Same issue is present in Chrome, and I agree with you that bold formatting is near identical to regular text. It makes browsing forums for new topics particularly cumbersome.
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    Allowing an app to bypass Do Not Disturb in MIUI 14?

    Hello all, I am stuck with a very frustrating issue for which I can't seem to find a solution: I want to allow an app to bypass the Do Not Disturb setting and sound a notification, but for some reason, although Android supports app exceptions, this option doesn't seem to exist in MIUI. Is there...