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    Searching for TWRP Recovery or OrangeFox Recovery for Xiaomi 12 4G "Tapas" Version

    Unofficial? Yes, you can find it here:
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    Arnova Google-Camera Mod 8.1 [STABLE]

    Does Lavender have the same camera as violet and can I use your config file ?
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    xbl error and locked bootloader

    Flash rovery with fastboot and adb. Flash the original fastboot recovery software for your device. This will normally work if everything else does not.
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    Internal storage issue

    I am afraid your partition is encrypted. There is no way to decrypt it without formatting your internal storage. Use orangefox as recovery instead of TWRP. Orangefox is more stable.
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    MIUI 12.2 20.9.24

    Orangefox recovery is easier en works OK.
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    Widevine L1 in Lavender EEA version if you are living in Europe.
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    Widevine L1 in Lavender

    It's worth trying.
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    Widevine L1 in Lavender

    I am pretty sure that I have read somewhere that if you flash the ROM by fastboot instead of recovery that L1 should be restored.
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    Arnova Google-Camera Mod 8.1 [STABLE]

    Parrots 7.4 version is out since 13 August and is taylormade especially for the redmi note 7
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    [Solved] Recorder not working?

    I am on the latest MIU and my recorder is not working on my lavender. Anyone else has it fixed? Does indeed work. Sorry
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    [Mi 8] [Weekly Review] MIUI 12 Xiaomi.EU Beta 20.8.21

    I don't know if it's the same issue but in other threads I understand that it will work with YouTube vanced.
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    Magisk and fingerprint (Note 7)

    I use magisk 20.4. Did you try formatting data partition. Install latest Rom. Do not restart but flash Magisk 20.4 immediately after Rom. Then reboot to system. In magisk I use the systemless mode
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    Magisk and fingerprint (Note 7)

    I use the latest Eu Rom on the note 7 including magisk. No problem adding new fingerprints.
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    Problem with volume on calls

    During the phone call you can turn the volume up. I don't know if this will be permanent.
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    HMnote8 also for willow?

    Willow is still not in miui 12?
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    HMnote8 also for willow?

    Hello I know MIUI 12 for ginkgo has just been released. Can I flash this ROM on a willow (HMnote8T)?
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    New Issues MIUI 12 on Redmi Note 7 (Screen rotation and gestures)

    See FP Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Camera and/or sensors are not working! A: You wiped "Persist" partition using an unofficial TWRP build. You shouldn't have done that. You'll now have to flash the latest official fastboot ROM for your device to restore this partition.
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.28

    There isn't one yet for MIU 12