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    How to go back to standard global ROM?

    You didn't attach a link, nobody did, there are no hyperlinks behind it
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    How to go back to standard global ROM?

    If I select the downloaded zip file from OTA my systems tells me reboot in recovery. Then it starts in MIUI Recovery 5.0 but doesn't start the update, where is the problem?
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    How to go back to standard global ROM?

    Can you describe it a bit more than just two words, like how to use miflash and what do I need?!
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    How to go back to standard global ROM?

    I have more and more problems with the Custom ROM. I installed the Miui 14.01 Android 13 Rom on my Redmi Note 10 Pro. Now I want to go back to the factory ROM from Xiaomi it self. Can somebody send a link to a Tutorial to go back to Stable ROM
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    New Miui 14, Android 13, on Redmi Note 10 pro (sweet) doesn't update ROM via OTA and Recovery,

    When i am in the setting under System and i click on download via OTA, then my phone downloads the new version of Miui 14, but if i click install, he warns that he wants to reboot into recovery mode. As it restarts it changes into the recovery menu, so Reboot, Connect to Assist, Wipe, etc. So he...
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    Redmi Note 10 Pro - MIUI 14 doesnt Update over OTA

    I Install MIUI 14 - Android 13 2 Month ago in my 10 Pro. Now IT told me there ist a new Update to MIUI IT says IT Starts top Download but it Freezers at 0%. Also wegen i Take calls, my Ringtone keeps playing Sometimes, especially when i am connected top my Bluetooth in Ears How can i...
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    New Whatsapp Contacts Name disappear every time the app is opened

    Everytime the app is opened the named of my Contacts dont appears. They appears If i click in News Chats and then in Update the list. If i then Close the app and Open IT 5 min later they dissappeared again