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    issues connecting redmi note 9s to PC and car share

    I think it's the usb port. Clean flashed and same issue. Other phones work on pc with same cable. I'll have to try and replace the phone even though I hadn't planned to
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    issues connecting redmi note 9s to PC and car share

    Thanks. I have a high quality cable that works on another android phones so I believe the cable is good. I can try a clean flash. So it shouldn't be the Rom then, I was going to flash a aosp but if you are using the same then ill try a clean flash. By that whats the best way, ? As I can only...
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    issues connecting redmi note 9s to PC and car share

    hello, i have had a redmi note 9s for about 3 years , i dont recall ever being able to connect to a pc, and always found other ways to transfer files when ever needed. now i have a car that allows android auto. But it doesnt detect the phone. and because the PC (i have tried two laptops - one is...
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    your experience with new ROM xiaomi MiUi for curtana

    I will keep an eye on his as would like to know too. I have just seen the update available in the settings menu, which I don't recall appearing in the past for other updates. I'm still on 12.5.4 as it was considered the better versions, most stable, longest battery. So I would like to know...
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    Most stable upgrade path

    Still no issues? I saw a few posts of the phone freezing during update and stuck at boot logo.
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    Most stable upgrade path

    Ok. Well 12.5.3 could be the one I go to then. Doesn't have to be the very latest as it's certainly not now
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    Most stable upgrade path

    Hello, I know these questions get asked a lot, I couldn't see a simple straight forward answer for what I'm looking for. I use 12.0.2 stable EU ROM. , It's ok but can be a bit buggy, screen sometimes starts clicking through apps or menus even though nothing pressed, or will freeze. I am...
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    hi, can anyone tell me what the note 9s is based on if its not the Chinese build? Based on China Stable / Weekly builds (except POCOF1, HMNote6Pro, HMNote8T, HMNote9ProMax, HMNote9Pro_HMNote9S, HMNote9ProEU) and is miui 12 stable enough for a daily phone? or should i stick to miui 11? im...
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    System storage is extremely high

    Hello, not sure if im in the correct place, but i recently upgraded from revolution OS which is a miui based rom i believe, i went from android 8.1 to 9, but the system storage is at 74GB and i cant see how to delete anything from it or even look at it. i have a 128gb sd card, and the system...